Sanfrancisco trip with Galaxy Team

Dian Sastrowardoyo, Angga Sasongko and Fathia Izzati tried the new Samsung Galaxy S10 in San Francisco, where Unpacked was held. On 21 February, four of them were the luckiest to be the firsts trying the new next generation Samsung Galaxy S10.

Throughout the trip, four of them were given the S10 and experienced all the features, captured high quality moment with high quality pictures. Besides, they had the chance to meet Samsung Galaxy Team from all over the world, Australia, Korea, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq and others. What an experience!

The Journey

Live Focus

Stay focus with what you capture, more stand out with the result

Step 1:
Swipe right to select "Live Focus" on the camera screen

Step 2:
Adjust the depth of field by sliding the focus adjustment bar

Step 3:
Capture your subject,
front and center
*note: you can also adjust the blur level afterwards

Ultra Wide Camera Ultra Wide Camera

Super Steady

Just one tap to make your video super smooth

Step 1: Open the camera app then swipe left to video

Step 2: Turn on "Super Steady" mode with tap the hand symbol on the screen

Step 3: Record your video with super smooth movement

Telephoto Camera Telephoto Camera

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