Arctic with Galaxy Team

Never Afraid to Explore the Unexplored

Actor Nicholas Saputra and Photographer Davy Linggar are our Galaxy Team who had a chance to explore New Delhi, a town known as a historical place. Not only about the building, but also about the people. There's so many interesting stories to be captured in New Delhi, and with Samsung Galaxy S10, Nicho and Davy are Never Afraid to Travel The Unknown.

Arctic Trip with Galaxy Team Arctic Trip with Galaxy Team

Lived in a small ship for ten days together with another participants from around the world, Dion experienced an adventure of a lifetime amongst polar bears, walrus and glaciers in the pureness of the northest part of this planet. Witnessed everything from the abandoned Russian settlement Pyramiden, to the dramatic cliffs of Alkefjellet by sailing through the Hinlopen strait. With Galaxy S10 to capture every moment, Dion is Never Afraid to Explore the Unexplored

The Journey

Ultra Wide Camera

With Ultra Wide Camera, it's not just wider, it's greater

Step 1: When you find the wide beautiful object with your eyes, launch your camera app

Step 2: Tilt your phone to horizontal to capture the best view for ultra wide panorama

Step 3: Tap "the Ultra Wide Camera" feature on the middle screen.

Telephoto Camera Telephoto Camera

Super Steady

Keep moving while filming. Shaking? Is not a big deal

Step 1: Swipe left to video on camera screen

Step 2: To make it smoother, just tap the hand symbol on screen

Step 3: Have fun with your super smooth video

Ultra Wide Camera Ultra Wide Camera

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