Türkiye Trip with Galaxy Team

Never Afraid To Enjoy Every Moment

In this journey to Türkiye, our Samsung Galaxy Team explored such a great beautiful places. Started with Uludag which known as biggest snow mountain in Türkiye, followed with journey to Bursa, where the Galaxy Team explored the culture in Grand Mosque or Silk House around.

They also got a chance to have a tour around Istanbul and mesmerized the unique architecture, also tasted the local food of Türkiye in Munira and Grand Bazaar. They bring Galaxy S10 with them so they are Never Afraid To Enjoy Every Moment since it can capture everything without missing anything.

The Journey

Super Steady

Turn your action into next level creation

Step 1: Swipe left to video mode on camera screen.

Step 2: Tap the hand symbol on the camera screen to turn "Super Steady" on.

Step 3: Record your video, turn the action into next-level video.

Ultra Wide Camera Ultra Wide Camera

Live Focus Mode

Capture the object differently, make it more artsy easily

Step 1:
Open the camera app, then swipe right to select "Live Focus".

Step 2:
Tap the third effect on Live Focus which is zoom effect.

Step 3:
Adjust the depth of field by sliding the focus adjustment bar, then capture your subject.

Telephoto Camera Telephoto Camera

Take your experience to the next level

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