More mobile. For people who need it. More mobile. For people who need it.

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Upgrade to Galaxy

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. We champion pushing the limits of what’s possible. That’s why our mobiles do what others can’t.

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Upgrade to a better camera

Like taking photos of your awesome nights out and enviable holidays? We thought so. Our advanced camera technology, with a wide range of apertures, captures great pictures in any light. You don’t need any special skills, either. With clever features designed to optimise colour, contrast and white balance, you can get the perfect shot every time. So, Instagram away.

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Upgrade to a longer-lasting battery

We know you’re not the kind of person who does nothing all day. Whether you’re an Instagramer or a gamer, a Galaxy battery will last as long as you. And you can charge up again in a flash with advanced fast wireless charging technology.

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Upgrade to a fast phone for streaming

You probably don’t like waiting. Well, thanks to nifty hardware improvements, your phone uses your carrier’s best network speeds to stream and download faster. In fact, you can tap into network speeds of up to 1.2Gbps. We recently introduced water-carbon cooling so the processor doesn’t heat up, meaning performance won’t falter even when you’re gaming.

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Upgrade to a more immersive screen

That unmissable TV show everyone is talking about? You should watch it too. Our stunning Infinity Displays stretch edge to edge, which means more screen for more of what you love. Our largest screen spans an incredible 6.4 inches, with a 2960x1440 resolution for a picture that’s closer to reality than ever. Perfect for split-screen multitasking, too.

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Upgrade to a more durable phone

Most people have dropped a phone. It happens. The good news is our mobiles are drop tested. They’re also highly water and dust resistant too. In fact, our phones are backed by the international standard of IP68, which is the highest rating out there. So wherever you’re using your phone, it’s built to withstand most accidents.

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Upgrade to expandable storage

Because nobody likes deleting stuff, now you can keep every memory. A Galaxy mobile has generous built in storage, with additional expandable storage of 512GB – that’s up to 1TB in total. Which is whole lot of pictures, apps and videos ready for you to enjoy.

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Upgrade to a phone that’s secure

Only you can access your phone with super fast biometric unlocking via your fingerprint, iris or face. What’s more, the moment your phone is turned on, your data is protected by Samsung Knox. Unlike software-only mobile security, Knox is fused from the chipset up.

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