Why does MCB Trips frequently

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020
Why does MCB Trips frequently

 Below are the reasons for MCB tripping :


  • Breakers are a safety device. It is designed to protect not only the equipment but the wiring and house as well. So when it trips, there is a reason and it should be taken seriously.


  • One very common cause for breakers to trip are loose electrical connections and can easily be corrected by tightening them. Try to reset it once by turning it to off position and then back to the on position.


  • If it is a result of a thunderstorm, always remember that you are dealing with high voltage, high amperage and possibly high temperatures which can cause serious damage to life and property. Note that breakers should not feel hot to the touch. If it is hot, it indicates a problem and not to be ignored.


  • If circuit breaker immediately trips when you reset it, that is usually indicate direct short. Please do not try to reset the breaker again.


  • Sometimes the breaker for the outside unit trips because the compressor is having a hard time starting and will require a hard start kit to get it going again or it may be as simple as replacing a defective capacitor.



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