It’s the inside (of the fridge)
that counts

All our innovation is based on human needs. One of the largest needs of humankind is finding love. In a world of social media, polished pictures and perfect surfaces, it can be hard to find out who truly is “The One”. But there is one space in our homes to which the polish hasn’t reached. “You are what you eat”, that’s why Refrigerdating can help you find love based on the content in your fridge. It reveals more than you think.

Refrigerator types

The fridge analyses are inspired by insights made by John Stonehill, refrigerator dating expert.

Samsung - For kitchen lovers

Home is where we build our relationships and make them thrive. We fight, we make up, we get together, decide to move in or even start a family. A large part of our lives unfold in our homes, especially in the heart of them: our kitchens.

At Samsung, we strive to simplify people’s everyday lives. Our way to do that is by using smart and innovative technology to create home appliances. In some way that also means facilitating people’s relationships. We’re no couples therapists but if we can improve the flow in your kitchen, you can focus on finding it amongst each other.

Kitchen Lovers

The fact that love changes over time isn’t big news. We’ve all felt it. The blushing silence over the dinner table on the first date and, a few years later, the frosty dito on a grey december morning. It isn’t just you, it’s human nature. And as a matter of fact there are some fascinating theories about the different phases of a relationship. When looking into them we realized that the changes in love often show in our kitchen habits.

There are obstacles in every kitchen and there are struggles in every relationship. We will do what’s in our power to help you overcome the obstacles, hopefully making it a little bit easier for you to let go of some of the struggles.

My aim is to guide my clients toward the insight that a relationship changes over time, through different phases. Once you’ve reached that insight you have a choice, to accept things as they are, or to work for change

– Charlotte Sander, Relationsexperten

Charlotte Sander is an authorised therapist and relationship expert. She’s been a practicing couples’ therapist for 15 years and is the managing partner of; Sanders Relationsrådgivning (Sander’s relationship counseling), and the founder of the Charlotte is a frequent guest in various news outlets, where she offers her expertise on relationships.

The phases of a relationship

Our products

Family Hub™

Family Hub™ contains the latest technology when it comes to refrigerators. The touch screen allows you to handle your groceries, communicate with your family and entertain your guests. The cameras inside show you what needs to be bought on the way home so that you can add them on your grocery list, it also reminds you of expired dates. The Meal Planner application brings you inspiring recipes based on your preferences and the food that’s in your fridge.

Dual Cook Flex™

Dual Cook Flex™ is a flexible oven with separated zones, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes at the same time. Use the upper and lower zone simultaneously, with different temperature and timers. Our application lets you operate and monitor your oven no matter where you are. Auto Cook provides pre-set programs and the Cooking Guide makes it easy to choose the right one. Save your favourite settings in My recipe and your recipes in Scrapbook.