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Get inspired by how our Galaxy Series’ cutting-edge mobile technology can help you get the most out of your life.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Dual Audio
Since the introduction of Galaxy S8, fans have been enjoying the Dual Audio feature that allows smartphone audio to be played on two Bluetooth®-connected devices at the same time. Now, Samsung has fine-tuned the feature to create the most enjoyable dual listening experience yet. See how Dual Audio works in the video above, and how it has evolved for a more innovative audio experience today.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Music Share
When developing its latest set of innovative Galaxy products, Samsung worked hard on creating Bluetooth®-enabled functionalities for even easier and more convenient inter-device experiences. One such feature is Music Share, which lets you easily pair a second Galaxy device to your audio gadgets without having to register a new Bluetooth® connection. Now you can fully enjoy your favourite music with friends anytime, anywhere. Watch this video to learn how to enable Music Share.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Single Take
You don’t want to miss a precious second choosing the right settings or filters when you’re about to take an amazing shot. Thanks to the improved Single Take feature on the Galaxy S21 Series 5G, you can now take a series of epic photos and videos with just a single press of the shutter button.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Director’s View
Capturing and sharing our daily lives has become the norm, so Samsung made it its mission to create a best-in-class camera experience that can deliver professional results in a seamless and accessible way—all on a smartphone. That’s why Samsung has created the Director’s View feature to help you pick and choose the best shots to tell your story.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Taking Selfies
We all like to look our best in photos. With enhanced AI-powered technology, the Galaxy S21 series makes it easy for you to take selfies anytime, anywhere.

Apps supported vary.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Gallery & Photo Editor
The Galaxy S21 series now automatically recommends improvements and adjustments for photos. Thanks to on-device AI, the Gallery app now analyses and remasters photos, while the Photo Editor feature erases any unwanted image with just one click.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Portrait & Studio Mode
Powered by AI technology, Portrait Mode on the Galaxy S21 Series 5G has been improved to help you take amazing photos. It provides new natural lighting effects and background effects, so you can take photos like a professional. Find out how Portrait mode on the Galaxy S21 5G series can help you capture epic shots.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Space Zoom & Zoom Lock
Samsung is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with digital photography. The Galaxy S21 series’ improved Space Zoom gives you the ability to capture details not easily seen from a distance. Samsung has also made its biggest leap with the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s new Space Zoom—powered by the company’s first ever dual-tele lens system to deliver greater clarity to every shot.

Space Zoom includes Optic Zoom and Super Resolution Zoom. Super Resolution Zoom includes digital zoom, which may cause some image deterioration. MR update for Space Zoom in supported models is required and varies from country to country.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Virtual Background
Virtual backgrounds help video call participants focus on the conversation and give you the privacy you need. But with so many different virtual background apps, and the challenge of keeping the person separated from the background, we have created a feature for the new Galaxy S21 Series 5G that greatly simplifies the experience. Find out how you can get virtual backgrounds easily with your Galaxy S21 Series 5G smartphone.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Group Call Continuity
Taking video calls, webinars or online classes on your devices can be annoying when you are on the move. With Group Video Call Continuity, Galaxy users can easily switch between their devices while staying on the same call. Find out how to use this function in this video.

Sign in to both Samsung and Google account is required. Both devices need to be on the latest One UI 3.1.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
To help you quickly find your favourite items, Samsung has expanded its SmartThings Find capabilities and launched Galaxy SmartTag. By placing a SmartTag on your keychain, wallet or even your pet’s collar and connecting it to your Galaxy devices, you can easily locate your most treasured items. For even more customisation, SmartTag has a button that you can turn into a controller for your smart home devices. Here are some tips on how to use SmartTag and SmartThings Find.

All devices must be registered with SmartThings to receive smart notifications. Must be within Bluetooth range. Requires Samsung Account login and connection to Wi-Fi® or data network.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Big Screen Chat
Video calls with friends, family, co-workers and classmates have become the norm these days. Now with the Galaxy S21 Series 5G, Samsung users get to enjoy mirroring of video calls without any audio disruptions such as echoes.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Private Share
User privacy is always Samsung’s top priority. That’s why the Galaxy S21 Series 5G comes with new privacy features like Private Share, which enables you to share important personal data safely. Watch to learn how Samsung Private Share works to protect you and your data.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Galaxy Ecosystem
Samsung is committed to delivering powerful, connected experiences between our products to help you do more and make your life easier. See how Samsung makes it all possible with its Galaxy ecosystem.
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