How to use Water Dispenser and Ice Maker on Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

To use the water dispenser and ice maker on your Family Hub Refrigerator, follow these steps:

Water Dispenser

Water and ice dispenser is located on the left fridge door. The dispenser offers 3 options to choose from: chilled water, cubed ice and crushed ice.

1 To simply dispense water, press the bottom lever (B)
Dispense Water
2 To dispense ice, press the top lever (A)
Dispense Ice
3 To switch between crushed ice and cubed ice, use the buttons on the dispenser
To switch between crushed ice and cubed ice

Please note:

• To dispense both ice and water, push the ice lever (A) first for ice, follow by water lever (B) for water

• If you push both levers at once, only the first pushed lever operates

• To prevent spills, wait 1 second before removing the glass after dispensing

• If the dispenser is not in use for 2-3 days, the dispensed water may have abnormal smell or taste. Always discard the first 1-2 glasses of water

Ice Maker

The Refrigerator has a built-in ice maker that automatically dispenses ice so that you can enjoy filtered water with cubed or crushed ice to your preference.


To ensure proper ice making and keep the ice bucket available with ice after using the Refrigerator for the first time, follow these steps: 

1 Let the Refrigerator operate for at least 24 hours to ensure optimal performance
2 Dispense the first 4 to 6 ice cubes into a glass
3 Wait another 8 hours and dispense another 4 to 6 ice cubes
4 Then, wait another 16 hours and dispense the first glass-full of ice

Please note:

• If you consume all the ice at once, you will need to wait for 8 hours before dispensing the first 4 to 6 cubes. This ensures that the ice bucket is filled with ice properly

If the ice does not dispense properly, check the ice maker

1 Press Test on the side of the ice maker. You will hear a chime when the button is pressed
2 You will hear another chime if the ice maker operates properly

Please note:

• If the ice maker chime rings repeatedly, contact our Call Centre for further assistance

• Do not press the button repeatedly after the ice tray is filled with ice or water. Doing so may cause water to overflow or ice to jam

• Do not put food in the ice bucket. The frozen food may spoil the ice maker, especially when opening or closing the door

• When reinserting the ice maker tray, make sure that the tray is properly centered at the entrance. Otherwise, the tray may be stuck

To disable the ice maker, on the home screen, tap Fridge Manager > Fridge Settings > Ice Maker > Off


Make sure to empty the ice bucket. Remaining ice cubes may clump together, making it difficult to remove.


To remove the ice bucket, follow these steps:

1 Hold the bottom of the ice bucket with one hand and hold the side with the other hand
2 Gently lift up and pull out
Gently lift up and pull out
3 Remove the remaining ice cubes and put the ice bucket back into position
Put the ice bucket back into position

Please note:

• If the ice bucket is not firmly inserted, turn the ice screw by 90 degrees and try again

• Removal of the ice bucket does not affect the thermal and mechanical performance of the Refrigerator

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