Troubleshooting guide for Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator?

Last Update Date : Jul 27. 2018

If you encounter an abnormal situation with the Refrigerator, check the table below to resolve the issues, before engaging technician for repair (if needed):




Possible Causes


Fridge/Freezer does not operate and temperature is warm

• Power cord is not plugged in

• Temperature control is not set properly

• Refrigerator is located near a heat source or direct sunlight

• Not enough clearance between the Refrigerator and nearby walls or cabinets

• The Refrigerator is overloaded. Food is blocking the Refrigerator vents

• Properly plug into the power cord

• Set the temperature lower

• Keep the Refrigerator away from direct sunlight or a heat source

• Keep more than 50mm gap between the Refrigerator and nearby walls

• Do not overload the Refrigerator and block the ventilation 

Fridge/Freezer is overcooling

Temperature control is not set correctly

Set the temperature higher

Interior wall is hot

Refrigerator has heat-proof piping in the interior wall

To prevent condensation from forming, the Refrigerator has heat-proof piping in the front corners. If the ambient temperature rises, this equipment may not work effectively but it is not a system failure




Possible Causes


Refrigerator has odors

 • Spoiled food

 • Food with strong odors

 • Clean the Refrigerator and remove any spoiled food

 • Make sure to airtight strong smelling food




Possible Causes


Frost around the vents

Food is blocking the vents

Arrange food and prevent blocking the vents 

Frost on interior walls

Door is not closed properly

Make sure food does not block the door. Clean the door gasket

Fruits or vegetables are frozen

Fruits or vegetables are stored in the Cool Select+ and the temperature was set too low

Set the temperature of the Cool Select+ to a temperature appropriate for fruits or vegetables




Possible Causes


Condensation forms on the interior walls

• If door is left open, moisture will enter the Refrigerator

• Food with high moisture content

• Remove the moisture and do not leave door open for extended periods of time

• Make sure food is wrapped airtight

Water/Ice (Dispenser Model only)



Possible Causes


Water flow is weaker than normal

Water pressure is too low

Make sure the water pressure is between 20 to 120 psi

Ice maker makes a buzzling sound

Ice maker function is activated but the water supply to the Refrigerator has not been connected

Turn off the ice maker

Ice maker does not make ice

• Ice maker has just been installed
• Freezer temperature is too low

• Dispenser lock is activated

• Ice maker is off

• You must wait 12 hours for the Refrigerator to make ice

• Set the Freezer temperature below -18 to -20 degrees in warm, ambient air

• Deactivate dispenser lock

• Turn on the ice maker

Ice does not dispense

• Ice may jam if the ice dispenser is not used for a long time

• Ice bucket is not properly inserted

• Water line is not connected properly or water supply is not on

• If you are not using the Refrigerator for a long time, empty the ice bucket and turn off the ice maker

• Make sure the ice bucket is properly inserted

• Check if the water line is installed correctly and the water line stop cock is closed

Water does not dispense

• Water line is not connected properly or water supply is not on

• Dispenser lock is activated

• A third-party water filter was installed

• Water filter indicator turns on or blinks

• Check the water installation conditions

• Deactivate dispenser lock

• Use only Samsung-provided or approved filters. Unapproved filters may leak and damage the Refrigerator
• Replace the water filter. After replacing, reset the filter in Fridge Manager > Fridge Settings > Water Filter





Could not find SmartThings in the App market

The SmartThings app is designed for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later, iOS 10.0 or later, iPhone 6 or later, and is optimized for Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series)

The SmartThings app fails to operate

• The SmartThings App is available for applicable models only

• The old Samsung Smart Refrigerator App cannot connect with Samsung Smart Home models

The SmartThings App is installed but is not connected to my Refrigerator

• You must log into your Samsung account to use the App

• Make sure that your router is operating normally

• If you have not connected your Refrigerator to the SmartThings App after the App was installed, you must make the connection using the device registration function of the App

Could not log into the App

• You must log into your Samsung account to use the App

• If you don’t have a Samsung Account, follow the App’s onscreen instructions to create one

An error message appears when I try to register my Refrigerator

Easy Connection may fail due to the distance from your access point (AP) or electrical interference from the surrounding environment. Wait a moment and try again

The SmartThings App is successfully connected to my Refrigerator but does not run

• Exit and restart the SmartThings App or disconnect and reconnect the router

• Unplug the power cord of the Refrigerator, and then plug it in again after 1 minute

Samsung Family Hub




Could not find Samsung Family Hub in the App market

The Samsung Family Hub App is available for smartphones that run Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or higher, or Ios 8.0 or higher

Could not log into the App

You must log into your Samsung account to use the App. If you do not have an account, follow the App’s onscreen instructions to create one





Cannot connect to my TV

• This Refrigerator can connect only with Samsung Smart TV 6400 Series or higher models released since 2015. Check your TV model

• Network connections may suffer temporary interruptions. Turn your TV off and then try again

The inner view picture looks bulged out or incomplete

• The edges of the inner view may looked bulged out due to the convex lens of the camera

• The inner view may be incomplete due to the blind spots on the left and right corners or screened depending on the layout of food items. Make sure to place the food items in the front centre

The displayed measurement on the Fridge Manager is not correct

The displayed conditions may differ from the actual temperature and humidity

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