Water leakage in Samsung Front Loader Washer during washing

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

Small leaks are easily addressed with some basic maintenance. Follow these steps:

1 When water leaks through door gasket (diaphragm) during operation, it could be due to the following causes:

• Door gasket (diaphragm) is damaged/torn or Wire diaphragm came off
Replace with a new door gasket (diaphragm) if it is damaged. Contact our Samsung Call Centre for further assistance.

• Foreign materials on door gasket (diaphragm) or door glass
Clean the glass door and door gasket (diaphragm) of your Front loader for a leak proof seal

• Poor sealing status
Check if there is a small gap between door gasket (diaphragm) and door glass. Change the door-hinge if the gap is not caused by foreign materials accumulation
Clean the Glass Door
Clean the Door Gasket
2 Always use the right amount of HE detergent during washing .Detergent residue buildup may also cause water to leak from the back of the Washing Machine through the Safety Air Vent. Perform a few rounds of Self Clean Cycle to remove any residues
Detergent residue buildup on the back of the Washing Machine
Perform Self-Clean
3 If detergent buildup in your detergent dispenser compartment:
• Remove the compartment and wash under tap water
• Clean the surrounding of the dispenser with a soft cloth
Clean the surrounding of the detergent dispenser

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