What to do if Samsung Front Loader is unable to spin?

Last Update Date : Oct 18. 2018

If your Washing Machine does not spin or UB error code is displayed on the control panel, follow these steps:

1 Make sure the door is completely closed. The Washing Machine will not spin unless the door is closed and locked
2 Check for an overload condition. When Washing Machine is overloaded with heavy, water saturated items, it will cause the belt that drives the drum to slip. Try reducing the load
3 Check for a broken belt. Try spinning the drum by hand. If the drum spins with little or no effort, the belt is probably broken
4 Ensure the Washing Machine is properly levelled on the floor.
5 Evenly spread the tangled clothes
6 Check if there is object clogged in the drum. Eg: Coin
7 For unit with debris filter, check if there are substances clogging the debris filter. Clean the debris filter regularly
Debris Filter Placement
8 Check the drain hose is straight as possible with kinks
9 Verify that the drain hose does not form an airtight connection in the standpipe, and is not inserted more than 15cm. If the drain hose is pushed in too far or an airtight connection is made, a syphoning effect will force water and air back into the washer. This can result in the washer not being able to drain, fill or spin
Drain Hose Placement

If the above troubleshooting guides do not fix the issue, contact our Samsung Call Centre for further assistance.

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