Devices unable to connect but are working on Wi-Fi

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022

This can happen when the Wi-Fi Hub creates its own network instead of connecting to an existing network, creating two networks. This scenario is called Double NAT and can happen when:

1 The Wi-Fi Hub is plugged into a router/modem combo.

It should be placed into Bridge mode to connect to the existing network. To switch to Bridge mode, follow these steps:

 • Tap Wi-Fi Hub on the home screen

Tap Wi-Fi Hub on the home screen

 • Tap More option (three vertical dots on the top right)

Tap More option

 • Tap Network Settings

Tap Network Settings

 • Tap Bridge

Tap Bridge

 • Tap Switch

Tap Switch
2 A second Wi-Fi Hub was set up while plugged into Ethernet (instead of connecting wirelessly to the first Wi-Fi Hub to create a mesh network).

Delete the second Wi-Fi Hub from the App, unplug the Ethernet and tap the plus icon in the App to set it up as a sub Hub

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