Frequently asked Questions on Samsung Pay

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020
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What is Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) used in Samsung Pay?

Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) is a technology patented for use only with Samsung Pay, offering users the exclusive service of making payments identical to the traditional card swipes. This means that even at payment terminals without NFC capability, you will be able to utilise Samsung Pay.

How do I add a card to Samsung Pay?

Your payment cards can be added in registration by scanning or manual inputs of the card information on Samsung Pay. Thereafter depending the bank, Samsung Pay will prompt for verification of your identity through a text message or a phone call before final confirmation.


To add card to Samsung Pay :


1 In Samsung Pay App, tap on Get Started

2 Head on to register your mode of verification with Fingerprint or Samsung Pay Pin

3 Upon registration, you will be able to add card by capturing a photo of your card or entering the card manually

4 A verification by SMS or Call Bank will be prompted and your card is added.

How long will it take for the card registration on Samsung Pay?

The average estimated time for activation would be within minutes, however it may take a long time if there are additional verification required by your bank issuer.


If the app fails to register after time have exceeded, remove the card from Samsung Pay app and reregister again. Contact your card issue if the issue persists.

Can I register a card if I’m outside of Singapore?

Yes, however the total amount of device you can register may vary. Do contact your card issuer for more details.

Can I register the same card on multiple Samsung device?

Yes, however the total amount of device you can register may vary. Do contact your card issuer for more details if you are not able to register after a x amount of device.

Will I be able to keep track of purchases made through Samsung Pay?

Yes, however it will only be up to the last 10 transactions made through Samsung Pay

There are some transactions not shown for some of my cards, would the issue be with the application or the card?

Ther might not be an issue with both your app and cards, as transaction history is not made available for all card types. Hence, Samsung Pay might not show your transaction history based on the policies set by your card issuer.


In these cases we would propose you to check your past transactions via your card issue native application.

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