How to transfer music files from Computer to the Samsung Gear IconX earbuds?

Last Update date : Apr 23. 2021
Transfer music file from Computer to Gear IconX

Transfer music files from your computer to your earbuds via the Gear IconX PC Manager onyour computer.

Please note:

• If any of the earbuds does not make contacts with the charging case, the Gear IconX Manager program will not recognize the earbuds 

• Do not disconnect the USB cable or USB connector from the earbuds or mobile device when you are transferring files. Doing so, may cause data loss or device damage 

• Music files which are not transferred via Gear IconX Manager program may not be played

1 Check the direction of each earbud, correctly insert them into their corresponding slots inthe charging case, and close it.
2 Connect the charging case to the computer via the USB cable
3 On the computer's desktop, click Start Menu > Computer > open IconX R or IconX L > Tools and double-click the Gear IconX Manager install file
4 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation
5 After Gear IconX Manager installation completed, run Gear IconX and click Add new tracks

Please note:

• When the software update pop-up window appears, tap Update to update it to the latest version (if necessary). If the pop-up window does not appear, tap More > About PC software > Update to view the Gear IconX PC Manager’s version information and update it

5 Select music files to transfer and click Open

Please note:

• Music files are saved in the earbuds. Do not change the folder name or create a newfolder. If you make any changes to the file directory of the earbuds, the music files may not play

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