How to use the Virtual Keyboard on Galaxy Note Pro 12.2?

Last Update date : Aug 01. 2022

The new Virtual Keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 allows you to easily type with two hands and use shortcuts similar to a physical PC keyboard.

• To begin, open up a new document 
• Use the S Pen to type or try touching and dragging your S Pen across the keyboard to input text 
• To change the way text is input, touch and hold the customizable keyboard key (bottom of the keyboard) and choose the handwriting method
• To enter words using the handwriting method, simply write the words with your S Pen in the designated area
• When you have finished writing your text, touch and hold the keyboard icon again
• Then, touch the multiple keyboard icon
• Here, you have access to other keyboard types such as Qwerty, Floating and Split 
• To return to your keyboard, touch and hold the customizable keyboard key once more 
• Then tap the Keyboard icon 
• The Virtual Keyboard also gives you the ability to use shortcuts 
• Touch the shift key and then an arrow key to highlight your text 
• To see all the shortcuts, touch the control button. You will see all of your shortcuts turn blue 
• Control C allows you to copy your text 
• With Control V, you can paste the copied text 
• To highlight all your text, touch Control A 
• From here you can choose to cut, copy, paste or change the Font and Style 
• Touch Control X to delete your highlighted text

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