How to use Action Memo on Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2?

Last Update date : Jul 28. 2022

Action memo lets you quickly take smart notes.

• To begin, open Air Command by holding the S Pen over the screen and pressing the pen button
• Then, tap Action memo
• Write a note and tap Save
• Your memo is saved to the Action Memo App
• To view your memo, tap the Apps icon
• Then, tap Action Memo
• Select your memo
• Action Memo can read names, numbers and emails from your handwriting
• You can act on that information by using Link to Action

For Example if you have a number written in your memo, tap Link to Action. Your tablet recognizes the number and lets you choose to use the number in the dialer or use it to add a new contact.

• Tap the Contact icon
• Choose where to save your contact
• Read the prompt and tap OK
• Finish entering the contact info and tap Save

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