Navigating Magazine UX on Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Last Update date : Oct 10. 2020

The new Magazine UX allows you to customize your home screens by adding applications and news features to any page for quick and easy access.

To customize the Magazine UX on your home screen:

Begin by touching the screen and using your fingers to pinch. From here, you can choose from a variety of layout options. Tap change layout to customize the layout to your liking.  

• To add and change news features or Apps to a home screen:

First select the home page you want to edit. From here you can add a news feature or App to your page.
To do so, first uncheck the box you want to delete. Now select the feature or App you want to replace with.

• To add a new home screen:

Tap the Add icon. Then tap on the feature or App to add it to the page. You can also touch and hold on a box and drag it to the page, which allow you to place it where you want. To resize the App, touch and hold the App and drag the handlebars to resize it.

• To delete a home screen:

Just touch and hold on the page you wish to delete. Drag it to the trash can and let go. Then tap, ok.

When you are finished making your changes, tap Done.

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