How to view applications in full screen mode by hiding the navigation bar in Samsung Mobile Device?

Last Update date : May 07. 2021

You can hide the bottom navigation bar of your mobile screen to allow for a fuller view of your screen. To do so, you must enable Swipe gestures. 

Depending on your device, follow the respective steps below to use this feature.

Please note: The functions of the buttons may change according to the App currently being used or usage environment.

Galaxy S10 Series and newer

Hiding the navigation bar

Launch Settings  > Display > Navigation bar, and then select Swipe gestures under Navigation type.

Your typical navigation bar will be hidden and Gesture hints will appear where the soft buttons are usually located.

To use the soft buttons, swipe up on the gesture hint of the desired button.

If you want to show the navigation bar again, go back to Settings > Display > Navigation bar, and select Buttons.

To hide the Navigation Bar


Hiding Gesture hints

If you feel that you do not need the Gesture hints at the bottom of the screen, you can hide them.

Go to Settings > Display > Navigation Bar > Under Swipe gestures, toggle off Gesture hints

Older Galaxy models (S9 and below)

Using the Show and hide button at the left side of the navigation bar, the navigation bar can be set to hide or pin on the screen when apps or features are used. 

To view files or used apps in full screen, double-tap the Show and hide button to hide the navigation bar.

Double-tap to hide the Navigation Bar

To show the navigation bar again, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Swipe up to show Navigation Bar
Navigation Bar appears on the Screen

Please note: 
• The navigation bar is pinned by default
• On certain screens, such as the Home screen, the navigation bar will always be shown and the Show and hide button will not appear
• Even after you pin the navigation bar, it can be hidden while using some apps or features, such as a video player

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