Samsung SmartThings Outlet is unresponsive

Last Update date : Oct 08. 2020
1 The outlet may be out of range. Move it closer to the Connect Home, or extend the range of your ZigBee network using repeaters
2 Delete the sensor

On Samsung SmartThings home screen, tap Outlets > tap More (3 vertical dots on the top right) > Edit > Delete device
3 Reset the Outlet

a. Unplug the outlet
b. To re-add Outlets, tap + on the home screen > Add Device > SmartThings > Outlets
c. Hold the button down on the outlet while you plug it in
d. Once the LED on the outlet starts blinking, immediately let go of the button
e. Turn the outlet on and off until it connects. (This is an extra step beyond the regular reset process that can sometimes help with a stubborn outlet)
4 Check the battery level. Change the battery when the level is low
Samsung SmartThings Outlet is unresponsive

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