Troubleshooting Guide for Samsung Gear IconX

Last Update Date : Jul 12. 2018

When you come across a problem while using the Gear IconX, try resetting them. If problem persists, read on for more help:


Earbuds do not workClick to Expand

• The battery may be completely discharged. Charge the battery completely before using the earbuds

• If an earbud’s touch-sensitive sensor does not make contact with your ear, the earbud may not work. If you do not hear a sound informing you that the earbuds are detected, remove the earbuds from your ears and put them in again

• If the touchpad does not recognise the earbuds or they do not work, you can press and hold the Power button to turn off and restart the earbuds

Earbuds cannot be located by another Bluetooth deviceClick to Expand

• Check the direction of each earbud, correctly insert them into their corresponding slots in the charging case, and close it. Then, press and hold the charging case’s connect button

• Ensure that your earbuds and the other Bluetooth device are within the Bluetooth connection range (10 m). The distance may vary depending on the environment the devices are used in

Bluetooth connection cannot be establishedClick to Expand

• Ensure there are no obstacles, such as walls or electrical equipment, between the devices

• Ensure that the latest version of the Samsung Gear app is installed on the mobile device. Update to the latest version (if needed)

• Ensure that your earbuds and the other Bluetooth device are within the Bluetooth connection range (10 m). The distance may vary depending on the environment thedevices are used in

• Restart the mobile device and relaunch the Samsung Gear app

The battery does not charge properlyClick to Expand

• Ensure that the charging contacts of the earbuds and the charging case are in contact with each other

• Ensure that the charger is connected properly

• If the battery contacts are dirty, the battery may not charge properly. Wipe both gold coloured contacts with a dry cloth and try charging the battery again

• If problem persists, visit a Samsung Service Centre and have the battery replaced

Difference between the charging time and battery life of the earbudsClick to Expand

• The main earbud’s battery life will be less than the other earbud because it operates more features

• The main earbud takes longer to charge than the other one

The battery depletes fastClick to Expand

• When you expose the earbuds or the battery to extreme cold or hot temperatures, the useful charge may be reduced

• The battery is consumable and the useful charge will get shorter over time

Sound quality issuesClick to Expand

Cannot hear during a call

• Adjust the earbud volume

• Adjust the volume on the connected device when you cannot hear sounds on your earbuds at full volume

Sound echoes during a call

• Adjust the volume by dragging your finger upwards or downwards on the touchpad, or move to another area

Audio quality is poor

• Wireless network services may be disabled due to issues with the service provider’s network. Ensure to keep the earbuds away from electromagnetic waves

• Ensure that your earbuds and the other Bluetooth device are within the maximum Bluetooth range (10 m). The distance may vary depending on the environment the devices are used in

• You may experience drops in volume or noise depending on the connected device’s volume. To avoid this, adjust the connected device’s sound appropriately

Earbuds sound comes slower than the screen when playing videos and games

• The earbuds may have a time lag between the video and sound output when playing videos or games when connected to a mobile device


Audio sound is not balanced

• The coupled earbuds are connected through wireless signal with the main earbud receives audio signal from mobile device and relay it to another earbud. During this process, slight delay may occur resulting in unbalance of audio. However, this is normal operation which happens due to the feature of device

Earbuds are too hot to touchClick to Expand

• When you use the earbuds for an extended period of time, it may feel hot to touch. This is normal and should not affect your earbuds’ lifespan or performance. If the earbuds overheat or feel hot for a prolonged period, do not use them for a while

• Contact our Call Centre if the earbuds continue to overheat

A small gap appears around the outside of the earbud caseClick to Expand

• This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature to cater for minor rocking or vibration of parts

• Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly

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