what are the new design features of Samsung Galaxy J2 2018?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

Be trendy in modern colors. Be glamorous in every selfie. Be carefree with the new Galaxy J2 2018. Find out the new design features below:

Trendy Design & Display
Trendt Design & Display of Galaxy J2 2018

Comfy, slim body

Take a close look at the Galaxy J2. See how slim and compact it is? It’s so easy to carry with you wherever you go. Its compactness and its curved back deliver such a comfortable grip.

Refined design

The Galaxy J2 features a trendy design that sets the J series apart. The camera deco and the speaker on the back are much simpler and more refined than before. And it’s very slim, just 8.4 millimeters thick, for a much classier look.

True-to-life sAMOLED display

You’ll enjoy a more immersive viewing experience with the Galaxy J2’s sAMOLED display.

It delivers clear and vivid colors, so the images are true-to-life.

Modern colors

The Galaxy J2 is available in four attractive colors to suit any style. If you want something elegant and classic, consider black or blue silver. If you want to add more flair to your look, gold and pink are the perfect choices. Choose the one you like best and give off a modern, trendy vibe.

User-Friendly Camera
User-Friendly Camera

Full-screen shooting

It’s easier than ever to take a picture and use it as your wallpaper.

The Galaxy J2’s front and rear cameras both support full-screen shooting. Simply tap the icon at the top of the camera screen, you can take a photo with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and set it as your wallpaper without cropping. 

Clear, bright photos 

Clear, bright photos couldn’t be easier with the Galaxy J2’s 8 MP rear camera, even in low light conditions.

There’s an LED flash on both the front and rear cameras, and the 5 MP front camera has a selfie flash which makes screen light up for a while. You can get brighter and crisper selfies even when you’re partying at night.

Convenient selfie shortcuts

To launch the camera in a hurry, you can just double-press the Home button.

And instead of tapping the shutter button to take a selfie, you can just show your palm.

Or you can use the floating shutter button and take selfies while holding the camera comfortably in one hand.

Fun with selfies

The Galaxy J2 is perfect for people who love taking selfies. It is great to fit everyone in the shot with a wide view angle of 120°. With Beauty mode, you can make your eyes bigger and your skin smoother.

And it’s easy to change cameras by swiping up or down. Take better selfies and have fun taking them.

Dependable Performance
Dependable Performance

Quad-core processor & expanded ROM

The Galaxy J2 features a quad-core processor that delivers a seamless multimedia experience. And now, with 16 GB of ROM and 256 GB of external memory, you can save more content than before.

• Reliable performing processor: MSM8917

• Expanded ROM: 16 GB

• Save more content with 256 GB of external memory

Power Saving mode

To minimize battery consumption and use your phone more efficiently, go to the Settings menu > Device maintenance > Battery > and choose medium or maximum Power Saving. The menu will tell you how much longer you can use your phone with each option.

Smart Wi-Fi

With Smart Wi-Fi, you can conserve data and greatly reduce charges. Whenever your Galaxy J2 detects a Wi-Fi network, it automatically turns its Wi-Fi capabilities on. That means you don’t have to use your mobile data or go to the trouble of adjusting your Wi-Fi settings.

Dual-SIM support

You can use two SIM cards at the same time on your Galaxy J2. This means you can have two phone numbers with one smartphone. Also, there’s a third slot for a microSD card, which provides external memory so you can save more content. The Galaxy J2’s three slots give you more freedom to use your phone in diverse ways.

Radio on the go

If you get bored on your long work commute, you can always listen to the radio on your Galaxy J2. If you connect headphones, you can use it as a radio antenna, so you don’t need to consume data for radio listening.

• No data connection required

• If you connect headphones, you can use it as a radio antenna

Life-Enhancing Services
Life-Enhancing Services

Distinctive J-series wallpaper 

Every year a new wallpaper comes out, marking all J-series phones as part of the same family. Choose whichever trendy, vivid color you like best.

Samsung Cloud

With Samsung Cloud, you can simply and seamlessly back up, sync, and restore data. Automatic backup is also available and you’ll get 15 GB of free storage per Samsung account. Plus, you can synchronize content across all supported devices that use the same Samsung account.

• Convenient backup and restore functions : Home screen, Voice Recorder, Apps, Settings, Messages, Music. Phone, Clock and Documents have backup function only

• Sync content across Samsung devices : Contacts, Calendar, Keyboard data, Samsung notes, Samsung Internet, Gallery

• 15 GB of free storage 

Secure Folder just for you

Keep your private files and apps safe from prying eyes in Secure Folder. You can rest assured they’re safe, as they’re protected with Knox technology. And even though your data is in a safe place, you can access it conveniently with a simple authentication process.

• Private files in Secure Folder

• Protected by Samsung Knox

• Authentication methods: Pattern, PIN, and Password

Dual Messenger

With Dual Messenger, you can use two separate accounts for the same messenger App. For example, you might have one account for work and one for family and friends. Installing Dual Messenger is simple and both accounts will have access to Gallery, making it easy to share files. Plus, if you’re using two SIM cards, you can use two different phone numbers for one messenger App.

Samsung Health

Samsung Health can help you stay fit. It’s easy to monitor the progress of your activity, nutrition, and sleep while keeping your stats all in one place. Also, you can connect your phone with a wearable device and check your stats even faster.

With so many challenges that you can take on alone or with friends, it’s also a great way to stay motivated.

Me: track health indicators like your heart rate, stress test results, and exercise levels

Together: use with friends to challenge each other and monitor your progress together

Ask an Expert: facilitates online medical consultations with licensed physicians 

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