What are the new design features of Samsung Galaxy Note9?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022
Samsung Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note has always put powerful technology in the hands of those who demand more. Now, the all new Galaxy Note9 surpasses even these high expectations, focusing on what matters most in today’s always-on, mobile world. Find out the new design features of Galaxy Note9 below:

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Sleek and Comfortable Grip

The exquisite diamond-cut metal frame projects an air of exclusivity with its elegant, clean silhouette and sleek presence.

The symmetrical curves ensure a comfortable grip. Hold it, and discover what elegance feels like.

• An elegant silhouette with a sleek metal frame

• Symmetrical curves provide a comfortable grip

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Premium Colous

The Galaxy Note9 comes in four premium colors. Each color complements any ensemble - carry it with professional attire or casual wear, a knapsack or a briefcase, and any number of playful accessories. This color range gives you more options than before, so pick the one that makes you smile. 

Samsung Galaxy Note9 S Pen Stylish Colours

The stylish new S Pen is that perfect blend of trendsetting fashion accessory and practical business tool.

Available in four colors, it goes with your Galaxy Note9 and adds flair to your look just like a peacock’s tail feathers. Take it out, start writing, and let your style show. 

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Fingerprint Reader

The front and rear sensors and/or cameras have the same arrangement as Galaxy Note8 with the following exception:

• Iris camera is kept hidden (same application as Galaxy S9)

• Fingerprint sensor is move to the central placement below the rear camera to improve usability

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