How to control DivX Playback on Home Cinema System (HT-TZ325)?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

Skip Forward/Back

During playback, press the [Forward/Backward] button.

• Forward: Goes to the next file if there are over 2 files in the disc
• Backward: Goes to the previous file if there are over 2 files in the disc

Skip Forward/Back

Forward/Reverse Search

During playback, press the (Forward/Backward) button. To play back the disc at a faster speed, press backward or forward button during playback.

• Each time you press either button, the playback speed will change as follows: 2x ➞ 4x ➞ 8x ➞ 32x ➞ Normal

5 Minute Skip function

During playback, press the cursor backward or forward button.

• Playback skips 5 minutes forward whenever you press the cursor button
• Playback skips 5 minutes back whenever you press the cursor button

5 Minute Skip function

Audio Display

Press the AUDIO button

• If there are multiple audio languages on a disc, you can toggle between them
• Each time you press the button, your selection will toggle between AUDIO (1/N, 2/N ...) and hand icon

Audio Display

Please note:  Hand icon is displayed when there is only one supported language in the disc

Subtitle Display

Press the SUBTITLE button

• Each time you press the button, your selection will toggle between SUBTITLE (1/N, 2/N ...) and SUBTITLE OFF
• If the disc has only one subtitle file, it will be played automatically
• See number 2 (Caption Function) on the next page for more details concerning Subtitle usage with DivX discs

Subtitle Display

If the Disc has more than One Subtitle File

If the disc has more than one subtitle file, the default subtitle may not match the movie and you will have to select your subtitle language as follows:

1 In Stop mode, press the Cursor ▲,▼ button, select the desired subtitle from the TV screen, and then press the ENTER button
2 When you select the desired DivX file from the TV screen, the movie will be played normally
If the Disc has more than One Subtitle File

DivX(Digital internet video eXpress)

DivX is a video file format developed by Microsoft and is based on MPEG4 compression technology to provide audio and video data over the Internet in real-time. MPEG4 is used for video encoding and MP3 for audio encoding so that the users can watch a movie at near DVD-quality video and audio.

1. Supported Formats

This product only supports the following media formats. If both video and audio formats are not supported, you may experience problems such as broken images or no sound.

Supported Video Formats





Supported Versions

DivX3.11 ~ DivX5.1, XviD


Supported Audio Formats







Bit Rate

80 - 384 kbps

56 - 128 kbps

128 - 384 kbps

1.5 Mbps

Sampling Frequency 

44.1 khz

44.1 khz

44.1/48 khz

44.1 khz

• DivX files, including audio and video files, created in the DTS format can only support up to 6Mbps
• Aspect Ratio: Although the default DivX resolution is 640x480pixels, this product supports up to 800x600 pixels. TV screen resolutions higher than 800 will not be supported
• When you play a disc whose sampling frequency is higher than 48khz or 320kbps, you may experience shaking on the screen during playback.

2. Caption Function

• You must have some experience with video extraction and editing in order to use this feature properly
• To use the caption function, save the caption file (*.smi) in the same file name as that of the DivX media file (*.avi) within the same folder. Example. Root Samsung_007CD1.avi; Samsung_007CD1.smi
• Up to 60 alphanumeric characters for the file name

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