Resolving Netflix issues on Samsung TV

Last Update Date : Apr 13. 2020


If the Netflix on your Samsung TV is not functioning, you may be experiencing a network connectivity issue with your Netflix app or the Account. To get a  clearer perspective of diagnosing your issue, this page covers a list of possibilities that could be the root cause of your TV issue.

If your Samsung TV displays a code or message, you can enter that code or message on From the web support you would be guided to remedy the issues you are facing.


Netflix App Compatibility


Reinstall Netflix: Click to Expand

1 Press the Home Button on your Samsung remote control and then select Apps

2 Tap on Settings > Netflix Icon > Reinstall

3 You have the option for automatic update to be switched on  

Netflix App won't load:Click to Expand

Older TVs (2015 and earlier) may be able to uninstall and re-download or Reinstall the Netflix app to clear issues with the app. With 2016 and later TVs, the Netflix app is preinstalled and won't allow this option. Open the Apps screen in Smart Hub and try to Delete apps from Smart Hub. Long pressing on the Netflix app will give you the option to Reinstall on some older TVs. 


If the Netflix app won't load from Smart Hub at all, it's best to try to see if there is a firmware update available for your TV. See the page on Update the Firmware on Samsung TVs for a step by step guide. 


If the Netflix app opens to a black screen, or doesn't seem to want to connect, you can try to perform a Smart Hub Connection Test to try to determine if it is the internet connection that is causing the problem, or the TV.

Test the internet connection Click to Expand

Connect the TV with an ethernet cable to your Modem/Router. If Netflix loads well over a lan connection, we can identify the problem to lie in the Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, you can attempt to connect your TV to a mobile hotspot or alternate Wi-Fi network to test the app across multiple network connections.


Adjust the DNS Settings:
If the Netflix app won't work with any network connection, change the IP settings on the TV to use alternate DNS server may fix the problem. Open up Settings on your TV > Network Settings > Change DNS Settings to (Google Public DNS server address )  

Perform a Smart Hub ResetClick to Expand

When the Smart Hub is reset, all downloaded Apps are initialised. The users accounts and settings are wiped from the applications, and settings on the Smart Hub will revert to factory defaults. Make sure your TV is on HDMI input in order to reset the Smart Hub.


1 Press the Home Button on your remote control to bring up the Smart Hub > Settings

2 Select Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub

3 A prompt will appear asking for pin, the default pin is 0000


2016 to 2018 Model TVs: Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub2015

J/JU/JS Model TVs: Menu > Smart Hub > Reset Smart Hub2014

H/HU/F Model TVs: Menu > Smart Features > Smart Hub Reset2013

F Model TVs: Menu > Smart Hub > Smart Hub Reset

2012 E/EH/ES Model TVs: Press Smart Hub button on the remote > Tools > Settings > Reset

Power Cycle the TV and ResetClick to Expand

2017 - 2019 TVs


Press and hold the Power button on the remote control for 30 seconds > Power off TV using Power Button. Give it a few minute before turning the TV back on, and try the Netflix app again.


You can also think about setting the TV, do not the reset would mean losing your previous saved settings and you would be signed out of all your account.  

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