What to do when your TV breaks up?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020
What to do when you TV screen breaks up? What to do when you TV screen breaks up?

While using Samsung TV, here are some solutions you can remedy with if your display breaks down:



1 Disconnect and reconnect power cables and HDMI cables on the back of your TV and the One Connect Box. Unplug and plug back in the power source thereafter.
2 If the external device supports UHD video, use a dedicated HDMI (4K) for HDMI Video Playback
3 If component cable is used, check that colored connectors are connected with their matching connectors on the device and the TV
4 If you are using a set-top box, check the cable connection
5 Make sure internet modem is working, restart the modem if there is a need to
6 If the problem persist and your TV uses the invisible connection cable, disconnect and reconnect the cables, ensure also the cable is not pinched or bent sharply

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