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[Design Story] Behind the Design of the Galaxy
S22 Series 5G

Over the years, Samsung has continuously enhanced the design of its Galaxy smartphones, while staying true to its core values. With extensive time and effort invested into research, and into the design process, Samsung has now established a unique, original design identity for the Galaxy S22 Series 5G.

Read on to learn more about how Samsung crafted the design of the Galaxy S22 Series 5G.

The essence of originality

With the Galaxy S Series, Samsung aspired to develop a simple and clean form that harmonises technology and design. This was achieved using smooth, beautiful lines that resemble the curvature of sand dunes.

Bold geometry

The Galaxy S Series’ design philosophy prioritises only the most essential elements in order to establish a unique identity. In the case of the Galaxy S22 Series 5G, that means giving the devices a flat design and a symmetrical front and back. Details on the sides have been pared down to ensure that the smartphones look sleek and smooth from any angle.

On top of that, the camera layout on the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra 5G has been rearranged. In particular, the camera on the Galaxy S22 and S22+ 5G is positioned in such a way that it is equidistant from the devices’ horizontal and vertical edges, for a more refined aesthetic.

A seamless combination

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ 5G both feature analogous colours on their metal camera housings. The sleek, flat line on the side frame separates it from the camera housing, creating a clean-cut appearance. The camera system, its waterproof structure and the angle of the camera housing were also designed with refinement and simplicity in mind.

Newness beyond innovation

Samsung designers continuously strive to raise the bar with innovations that enhance the unique identity of Galaxy devices. To that effect, the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra 5G deliver powerful performance, while still allowing users to express themselves through the device in unique ways.

An optical illusion

The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G combines superior performance with a sophisticated design. Here, the scope of the Galaxy S Series has been expanded — building upon the simple yet sturdy design identity inherited from the Galaxy Note Series, a design optimised for the S Pen.
As a camera’s performance increases, it tends to grow larger and protrude more. To prevent the Galaxy S22 Series 5G’s camera from sticking out, Samsung minimised the camera’s size. The camera’s mirrored metal frame establishes a brand new look with a specialised finishing method, which creates the impression that the camera is floating above the device’s body. These features allow the camera to harmonise with the body of the phone. The result is an elegant design that does not protrude too far out, and includes a mirrored metal frame that reflects the colour of the device, depending on the angle.

A versatile S Pen that’s a Joy to use

The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G’s built-in S Pen offers a more creative and joyful mobile experience by allowing users to write and draw on the device’s expansive screen. With 70% lower latency, the new S Pen allows users to enjoy a more realistic experience that feels like putting pen to paper.

What’s more, users can also open apps more easily with Compact Mode in the Air Command menu, and the Samsung Notes experience has become even more convenient. When users want to save a link or a web page, they can do so easily using Samsung Notes in a pop-up or split screen and keep the page they were viewing open.

Expand your world

One UI expands what users can do with the Galaxy S22 Series 5G. For example, when frequently used widgets are grouped using the Smart Widget function, widgets that users will find useful depending on the time and location will be automatically displayed. There’s a widget to notify users of upcoming events, as well as one that indicates when their Galaxy Buds’ batteries are low. Removing the need to open multiple widgets at once enables the home screen to be used more efficiently.
The camera has also been enhanced to allow users to take high-quality photos and videos of distant subjects and while in low-light settings. Functions that improve the sharpness of selfies and remove the moiré patterns that appear when capturing TV screens or monitors have also been added to the gallery, providing a new photo-remastering experience. The photo editor’s automated AI eraser intelligently detects and removes shadows and light reflectors in a more efficient manner than if users were to select and erase objects manually.

Furthermore, the newly introduced Samsung Wallet1 feature combines digital payments, ID and asset management in one convenient and secure place. This simplifies users’ daily routine by providing layers of security to protect their private information.

Designs that reflect their era

With Galaxy devices’ designs, Samsung strives to deliver an optimal mobile experience that factors in users’ unique preferences and lifestyles. With designs that evolve with the times, Samsung enables users to use their mobile devices as they wish, supporting more enjoyable mobile experiences that put users in charge of their daily lives. Continuing to do so allows Samsung to create more value and a brighter future for communities and society.

Trendy yet classy

The Galaxy S22 Series 5G’s colours are both unique and contemporary — classic and premium, but trendy as well. Each device is available in Phantom Black, Phantom White and Green. The Galaxy S22 and S22+ 5G are also available in Pink Gold, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is available in Burgundy.

The refined Phantom Black hue showcases the Galaxy S Series’ premium value, while the pure Phantom White complements the reflection of the metal body, projecting a message of hope and positivity. Green reflects the current times and encompasses a variety of tastes, while Burgundy accentuates the premium value and the modern and unique feel of the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. A double-layer nano coating adds a rich tone and texture to the Pink Gold edition, revealing a variety of colours that go beyond the limits of a standard pink.

More customisation

While the devices’ designs have been simplified and refined, the joy of choosing a smartphone cover is greater than ever. The S-View Flip Cover’s compact display features the same UX as the Galaxy Watch, offering consistent and unified usability. The Frame Cover, meanwhile, offers a choice of two backplates — one clear, one mirrored — so users can easily decorate their device to suit their taste.
The Silicone Cover with Strap combines bold graphics with colours that create a strong impression whenever the smartphone is used, while the transparent Protective Standing Cover features multiple options in terms of kickstand designs and colours, offering users a unique look. A wide variety of cover materials, such as silicon and leather, as well as trendy designs and colours allow anyone to find a cover design that suits their unique personality.

Reduce & recycle

The Galaxy S22 Series 5G’s design identity is also reflected in its packaging. The number 22 on the package expresses the unity of the camera housing with smoothly permeating graphics, while the bold “S” hints at the smartphones’ stylish design.

The smartphones’ packaging was produced in an eco-conscious manner, utilising 100%-recycled paper. All components, including accessories and manuals, were made more compact to reduce the packaging’s overall volume. These eco-conscious efforts enabled Samsung to equip the Galaxy S22 Series 5G with packaging that’s 56% smaller by volume than that of the Galaxy S20.

For years, the Galaxy S Series has been setting the standard for premium smartphone designs. Samsung’s ultimate goal for the series is to continuously provide mobile experiences that reflect users’ feedback and evolve in ways that benefit the entire world. Going forward, the company will continue to create innovative experiences that reflect our changing times, break existing boundaries and transcend the limits of what smartphones can do.
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