Unfolding the Future


Unfold the future: Goh Ling Ling
founder & designer of LINGWU

With the launch of Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung collaborated with designer Goh Ling Ling of LINGWU to design the exclusive LINGWU capsule bag for the latest foldable.

Coming from a long line of independent and entrepreneurial women, the greatest influence in Ling’s life has been her mother, who not only helped establish the family’s garment manufacturing business in the 1970’s, but also rewarded herself with an impeccably tasteful wardrobe and a beautiful collection of vintage handbags that became the inspiration behind the LINGWU label.

Catch our conversation with Ling as she gives us a peek into her experiences and design philosophies that inspired her journey and growth as a fashion designer.
How did your journey begin?
I have always been a fashion designer at heart ever since I realised I wanted to create timeless collections for the modern woman through carefully selected materials that are precise and showcase attention to detail. To quote one of my favourite Italian product designers, Massimo Vignelli: “The life of a designer is a life to fight against ugliness.” A designer is a messenger who transforms designs into messages, making designs that speak.

What was the greatest lesson you’ve learned about business?
All ideas must be rooted in practicality. If an idea is not feasible or if it does not generate profits, moving into execution would be detrimental, no matter how original or appealing it may seem. Sometimes, even the most creative ideas have to be deferred due to lack of practicality.

What has been the best life lesson?
Start living and loving life now. It is embedded in our Asian DNA that we should always work towards the future, but sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses. You only live once, so don’t forget to live your life to the fullest without any regrets.

As trying as the current climate can be, I believe that now is the best time for us to take a step back and reflect on our lives; to slow down and spend more time with the ones we love.

Have you rewritten any rules?
Growth is a process that has no endpoint; we are always learning and changing. The way we approach life will (and should) also change over the course of our lifetime, which means that rewriting rules is inevitable and ongoing.

As we continue to improve and progress in life, we outgrow some of the rules and ideas that once fit into our life stories—and that’s completely okay. Just because an approach no longer works, doesn’t mean it wasn’t valuable at one point in time.
What does the word ‘success’ mean to you?
The definition of success to me means doing something that makes you happy, something that you enjoy. It also means not taking the path of least resistance but opening yourself up to new challenges that enable you to grow and develop mentally, spiritually and professionally.

How would you sum up your life philosophy?

  1. Learning by doing
  2. Shed the fear of failure
  3. Keep mindful and be thoughtful
  4. Live your best life
  5. Don’t be afraid to solve big problems

What is your style must-have?
My phone! All of my work, research and family photos are in there.

How has technology changed your life?
It made everything instantaneous! I can easily make purchases on everything: clothes, food deliveries, groceries, furniture, pay the bills, etc. When it comes to the way we communicate, it’s also played an important role in connecting more people together and minimising the gaps we have between us.
What trend or developing idea are you keeping tabs on?
The biggest thing for the fashion industry right now is fashion video marketing by using artificial intelligence (AI) for content.

Can creative people be entrepreneurs?
Creative minds are, in fact, perfect for entrepreneurship. They have a specific disposition that allows them to troubleshoot and maneuver around issues with an outside-the-box approach. They’re also able to adapt to a variety of situations and create new solutions that help improve communities and the world around us.

In the digital age, is social media fame really necessary for all entrepreneurs?
Absolutely not! I think it’s not necessary, especially if we’re talking about ‘fame’.

What does ‘Unfold the future’ mean to you?
It is crucial for us to be more discerning with the way we live, with the following principles:

  • Purchases that focuses on quality over quantity
  • Being mindful of our surroundings
  • Sustainable living

Read about Ling’s process in designing the LINGWU capsule bag for Galaxy Z Flip
or visit her website at www.lingwu.sg/
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