Unfolding the Future


Coping with the new normal

COVID-19 has forced us to reimagine the way we work, play, interact and socialize. Let’s take a look at how the world has re-ordered itself in the face of an unprecedented challenge.

Keeping it closer to home

Long gone are the days where our homes are merely a space for rest. We’re living in a world where half the population is required to stay inside their homes. Since we can’t go into the office or attend school or exercise outdoors, doing everything from home has become a reality. Our homes have, therefore, been transformed into a multipurpose area meant for work, exercise, hobbies and more. Which has necessitated both a physical and mental adjustment.

Connections, reimagined

With social distancing in place, physical gatherings have been reduced to online gatherings. Video calls are now de rigueur for almost every kind of interaction – work, social meetings, exercise and even watching movies. While most of us aren’t strangers to communicating through a screen, there’s something undeniably comforting and irreplaceable when it comes to the human touch. Though we might have to forgo that luxury for the foreseeable future.

Playing it safe

As the pandemic becomes long-term, governments have turned to quarantine and preventive measures in order to contain the spread. In Singapore, SafeEntry is implemented in all public spaces, allowing for contact tracing and granting government access to personal details on our whereabouts. This has prompted heated discussions about the boundaries of protecting personal information and collecting information to provide public safety. The key is to find a balance between national security, safety and personal liberties.

We live in an undoubtedly new world. The question is: Can we continue to cope and look on the bright side in the midst of change?