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Samsung Business Financing Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

Samsung Business Financing is a short-term line of business credit your company can use for purchases on the Samsung Business website, with payment term options subject to your business profile. Your business will not incur any interest or late fees if your invoices are paid by the invoice due date. We offer this program in partnership with TreviPay, which administers the program.

To be eligible, yours must be a legal, registered US business operating for longer than two years (24 months) that has established financing or trade credit account(s) showing a positive credit history. You must provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN) in your application. Sole proprietorships may apply if they have an EIN.

Please complete the short application. You could be approved for a specific purchasing limit in as quickly as 30 seconds by our third-party financial service partner.

No, applying for Samsung Business Financing will not affect your personal credit score.

Yes. If you need more credit for future purchases, you can request an increased credit limit on your Account Overview page. You will receive notification by email of the outcome of your application.

To login to your account at any time, please visit

Yes, the Samsung Business Financing account website operated by TreviPay lets you add new users with assigned purchasing and payment roles. For example, you can indicate which users receive and pay invoices. Please note that the email address you provide in your application will be assigned administrative privileges, and you must use that account to add users and assign Buyer, Payer or Admin roles. You may provide administrative rights to a second account, as well.

More details are available in the FAQs in your TreviPay Account Overview.

Your current available balance, outstanding amount due and past invoices will always be available on the Account Overview page of your account.

You will receive a downloadable invoice in your buyer portal and by email immediately after your products are shipped. To direct these alerts to your accounts payable department, create a new Payer user account for that team and activate invoice alerts in the Notifications tab of the Edit User page.

You or your designated account user can make payments to our partner, TreviPay, through one of the following payment methods: direct debit in your buyer portal, by automated clearing house (ACH) payment or by check. We recommend that, as part of your account setup, you link your business bank account to make payments conveniently. For your reference, the available payment methods will also be outlined on each invoice you receive.

If you currently have more than one invoice open with Samsung Business Financing, TreviPay will apply payments based on the remittance advice you provide. If no remittance advice is provided, TreviPay will use the FIFO (First In, First Out) method to allocate your payment.

Please contact Samsung Customer Service at (888) 312-2070 to resolve any billing issues. Your account and invoice(s) will be updated accordingly and reissued by TreviPay once the dispute has been resolved by Samsung.

A complete history of your account activity is available on the Account Overview page of your buyer portal.

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