The ultimate visual experience

For business

Illuminate the value of your business with an immersive experience that makes content more memorable.

Automotive Automotive


Showcase vehicle design and performance in stunning visual clarity and scale that compels customers to get behind the wheel today.

Corporate Corporate


The Wall is the standout centerpiece for any lobby boardroom, allowing you to highlight your values and communicate with hybrid workforces in profound ways.

Government Government


Ensure decision makers are empowered with secure, crystal clear information supported by TAA compliance, remote power options and 24/7 performance.

Healthcare Healthcare


Bring your mission and vision to life in vivid detail, and highlight donors and community support brilliantly.

Hospitality Hospitality


Create “wow” moments for guests as soon as they enter the lobby, stroll along the ship deck, try their luck at the casino or retire to their luxury suite.

Retail Retail


Lure customers into stores and increase revenue with branding and experiential walls integrated into the design.

For luxury living

Distinguish your residence and intrigue guests with an elegant centerpiece engineered to defy the limits of visual innovation.

Behind microLED display technology

MicroLED technology transfers micrometer-scale LEDs into LED modules, resulting in what resembles wall tiles comprised of mass-transferred clusters of almost microscopic lights. Mounted together as a uniform canvas and plugged in, they create a visual experience similar to what you get with premium QLED TVs.

Stunning picture quality

Pure black

Low-reflection black technology delivers unparalleled contrast.

True color

Superior color purity and a wider color gamut than conventional LED displays.

Spectacular refinement

HDR picture refinement intuitively renders peak brightness.

Build your visual canvas

Seamless design

A fine choice for the finest of places. The Wall microLED display truly becomes a bold, yet subtle and sophisticated centerpiece to capture attention.

Seamless design Seamless design

Flexible modularity

Configure The Wall to fit your needs in any environment. Its easy-to-install and flexible design has no limits on size, shape and structure.

Flexible modularity Flexible modularity

Bold look

The seamless surface of The Wall fits a corporate lobby or a flagship store.

Effortless operation

Peak performance

Robust durability against everyday impacts with shock-resistant technology.

The total solution

Digital signage content management

Digital signage display management

Resources to help you make a bold statement

The Wall: Changing how businesses use LED
Samsung's microLED technology changes the game for the design of video walls in retail, public spaces and media.
Engaging the senses: The Wall's superior microLED technology
The Wall introduces the next generation of premium video wall technology.
The Wall: See the exceptional
Infinity design, microLED technology, AI upscaling. Experience The Wall like never before.

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The Wall All-in-One delivers unrivaled quality and operation.

The Wall (P1.2)

The Wall (P1.6)

The Wall - Remote Power Ready (P0.84) (TAA-Compliant)

The Wall - Remote Power Ready (P1.2) (TAA-Compliant)

The Wall - Remote Power Ready (P1.6) (TAA-Compliant)

The Wall Professional Bundle - F-IW008J

See The Wall for yourself

See The Wall for yourself

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