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Galaxy Tab S - How can I monitor and extend battery life for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S?

Your device has an app that lets you see which apps and features use the most battery power.

Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Unapproved chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the device.

The instructions below are only for devices with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

View Battery Status

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps  > Settings .
  2. Touch GENERAL tab > Battery .

  3. The Battery screen displays the percentage of battery power remaining and how long you might expect that power to last. It may also show the processes that have been using the battery power since the last Full charge and the percent used by each. 

    Note: Screen display may vary by device usage. 

  4. Touch the graph to see more detail about which processes were running since your device was last fully charged. 

Best Practices for Battery Charging

The following guidelines can help you charge your battery properly and safely:

  • Verify that you are using the supplied Samsung USB/charging cable and not third-party accessories.
  • Ensure the USB/charging cable is connected securely and is not being blocked by a cover or case.
  • Make sure a battery or charging indicator appears on the device's display when the USB/charging cable is plugged in.
  • Charge using a wall outlet, not a computer, for best results.
  • Disconnect the device from the USB/charging cable when the battery is fully charged.

Turn On Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode limits performance to conserve battery power. You can choose which features you want to restrict.

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps  Settings .
  2. Touch GENERAL tab > Power saving  > Power saving mode

  3. Touch the slider  to turn Power saving mode ON .  

  4. The following options are available. To enable Power saving mode, at least one option must be turned On

    • Restrict performance: Touch the slider  to turn Restrict performance ON .  Mark the checkbox next to each function you want to turn On to restrict performance. 

      • CPU performance: Limit the maximum performance of the CPU to conserve battery power.
      • Screen output: Use a lower frame rate and power level for your device's screen.
      • Turn Off touch key light: The Recent  key and Back  key on the front of your device will not light up when they are touched or when the Home  key is pressed.
      • Turn Off GPS: Turn off location services and GPS functions on your device.
    • Greyscale mode: Convert color screens to battery-friendly grayscale. Touch the slider  to turn Grayscale mode ON .

Turn On Ultra Power Saving Mode

Use Ultra power saving mode to switch your device's screen to grayscale and turn off nonessential apps so you get the maximum battery life.

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps  Settings .
  2. Touch GENERAL tab > Power saving  > Ultra power saving mode

  3. Touch the slider  to turn Ultra power saving mode ON

  4. Review the Terms and Conditions. Mark the checkbox  and touch AGREE to continue. 

  5. Review the changes Ultra power saving mode will make to your device and touch TURN ON.

  6. The Internet, Calendar, and Clock apps are automatically available in Ultra power saving mode.  Touch  to add up to six additional apps available. 

Turn Off Ultra Power Saving Mode

  1. From the Home screen, touch More options .
  2. Touch Turn off Ultra power saving mode.

Note: To adjust network connections, sound, and display settings in Ultra power saving mode, touch More options  > Settings.

Power Saving Tips

Your device provides options that help you save the battery power. By customizing these options and deactivating features in the background, you can use the device longer between charges:

  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth™ feature.
  • Turn OFF Wi-Fi.
  • Turn OFF the GPS service.
  • Turn OFF the mobile data connection.
  • Turn OFF auto-syncing of accounts.
  • Turn OFF Smart stay and Smart Pause™.
  • Discontinue use of Live wallpapers.
  • Decrease the backlight time (timeout settings).
  • Decrease the brightness of the display, or use Automatic brightness.

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