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  • (iOS device) If I use Smart Switch for PC/Mac to transfer my content, can I still use the Smart Switch Mobile app to get App Matching and Recommendations lists?

    If you transfer your content using Samsung Smart Switch for PC/Mac, then access Smart Switch Mobile, the App Matching and Recommendations list is automatically available.

    • Tapping the Matches tab shows which iOS apps have an Android equivalent. When you tap one of the apps, Google Play store opens, allowing you to purchase and download the Android version of the app.

    • Tapping the Recommendations tab shows your apps that do not have exact Android matches. Tap an iOS app to open a sub-list of closely related Android apps. When you select one of the related apps, Google Play store opens, allowing you to purchase and download it.

  • (iOS device) Can I transfer all of the music files I've purchased from iTunes®?

    You can transfer all music files purchased from iTunes after 2009. Any music files purchased from iTunes before 2009 are not DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) and cannot be transferred.

  • (iOS device) Are all my photos transferred—even those I put on my phone from somewhere else?

    No, only the photos in your iOS device "Camera Roll" are transferred. These are the photos taken using the device and not copied from somewhere else.

  • (iOS device) Is the default iOS wallpaper transferred?

    No, only wallpapers that you created (like pictures of your family, dog, or vacation) are transferred, not the native iOS wallpaper.

  • (iOS device) Are all my videos transferred—even those purchased from iTunes?

    No, only videos you made yourself are transferred. Videos (TV shows, movies) purchased from iTunes are DRM-protected and cannot be transferred.

  • Smart Switch Mobile asked for my Apple ID and password. Is that safe?

    Security and privacy are of the utmost concern at Samsung. The Apple ID and password you enter are used to log in to the iCloud backup server and never stored on the phone or anywhere else.



    Is my personal iOS device content, such as contacts and photos, safe with Smart Switch Mobile?

    Your personal content is safe with Smart Switch.  All information transferred from iCloud backup servers to your phone is encrypted and never exposed to any other Samsung or third-party devices.


    What do I need to do on my old iPhone/iPad to prepare for transfer?

    Back up your iOS device prior to running Smart Switch. See How do I create a backup for my iPhone/iPad? below.

    If you are using iCloud to maintain your contacts or calendars, you should synchronize your iPhone/iPad with iCloud. Start theSettings app and go to iCloud. Turn on the synchronizations for content types that matter to you. By default, Contacts, Calendar, Reminder, Bookmarks, Passbook®, and Photos are turned on.


    How do I create a backup for my iPhone/iPad?

    To back up your iPhone/iPad, follow these steps.

    1. Launch the Settings app, scroll down, and tap iCloud.

    2. Log in using your Apple ID and Password.

    3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Storage & Backup.

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap Back Up Now.


    Why do I see differences between content in my iCloud account and migrated content?

    Differences could be caused if the iOS device is out of sync with iCloud or the iOS device has not been backed up recently. Verify two things:

    • Sync between iOS devices and iCloud: On your iOS device, navigate to Settings > iCloud to verify all desired content types are backed up to iCloud.

    • Sync between iOS devices and iCloud Backup Server: Back up your iOS device just prior to running Smart Switch. 


    I forgot my Apple ID and/or password. What do I do?

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