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Pair a Bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard to Your 2016 Smart TV

Bluetooth lets you connect so many different devices to your TV to enhance the experience. Work on that business presentation on your TV's large monitor when you connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Read on to learn how to connect all your Bluetooth devices to your TV.

Connect to a Bluetooth Device

Maybe you want to pair Bluetooth speakers to your TV while your friends are over to watch that new action movie. Learn how to connect your TV to a Bluetooth device by following these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your Smart Control to access the Home Screen.

  2. Using the directional pad on your remote, navigate to and select Settings.

  3. Select System.   

  4. Select Input Device Manager to manage devices that are connected to your TV. 

  5. Select Add Bluetooth Keyboard & Gamepad.

  6. Select the device that you would like to connect to your TV. For this example, select Samsung Wireless Keyboard.

  7. Select Pair and connect to begin pairing your device.

  8.   Please wait while your device connects.

  9. Select OK to complete the pairing of your device.   

  10. Your Bluetooth Device is now connected to your TV.    

Restrictions on Using Bluetooth

Having some trouble? Keep these restrictions in mind:

  • The Samsung Bluetooth Speaker is only available for devices supporting TV SoundConnect.

  • You can't use Bluetooth devices, TV SoundConnect, and the Surround feature simultaneously.

  • Compatibility issues may occur, depending on the Bluetooth device. (A mobile exclusive headphone may not be available, depending on the environment.)

  • Lip-sync errors may occur.

  • The TV and Bluetooth devices may disconnect, depending on the distance between them.

  • A Bluetooth device may hum or malfunction:

    • When a part of your body is in contact with the receiving/transmitting system of the Bluetooth device or the TV.

    •  When the device is subject to electrical variation from obstruction caused by a wall, corner, or office partitioning.

    •  When the device is exposed to electrical interference from same frequency-band devices including medical equipment, microwave ovens, and wireless LANs.

  • If the problem persists, try connecting the device using the digital optical port or the HDML (ARC) port.

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