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Use the Proper Cookware on Your Induction Cooktop

To fully utilize the cooktop, you should use suitable cookware. Follow these guidelines to pick the right cookware and use them properly.

Before Using the Cooktop

The cookware used with the cooktop should have flat bottoms that make contact with the entire surface of the Cooking Zone. Check the flatness by rotating a ruler across the bottom of the cookware.

Also remember to:

  • Use quality cookware with heavier bottoms for better heat distribution.


  • The pan should match the amount of food being prepared.


  • Do not let the pans boil dry. This may cause permanent damage that is not covered by your warranty.


  • Do not use dirty pans with grease buildup.

Suitable Cookware Material

• Cookware suitable for induction cooking are labeled as such by the manufacturer.

• Certain cookware can make sounds while being used on induction cooking zones. These sounds do not indicate any malfunctions or affect the operation of the cooktop.

Cookware Material
Steel, Enamelled Steel
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
Yes, if appropriately labeled by the manufacturer
Aluminium, Copper, Brass
Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain

Using the Correct Size Cookware

  • The inner ring of each Cooking Zone is the guide for the minimum pan size. The bottom of the pan must fully cover the inner ring to begin cooking.


  • The outer ring of each Cooking Zone is the guide for the maximum pan size. After centering the cookware, make sure the cookware does not extend a ½ inch beyond the thicker line on the Cooking Zone.


  • If the pan is too small, the Cooking Zone display with flash and the pan will not heat up.

Using Suitable Induction Cookware

Suitability Test

  • The cookware is suitable for induction cooking if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware. Also, the cookware should be labeled as suitable by the manufacturer.

Better Pans Produce Better Results:

  • The base of pots and pans should be as thick and flat as possible.


  • When buying new pots and pans, pay attention to the diameter of the base. Often, only the diameter of the upper rim is given.


  • Do not use pans that have damaged bases. It can scratch the cooktop permanently.


  • If you want to use a special pot or pan, such as a pressure cooker or wok, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Energy Saving Tips

Follow These Steps to Save Energy While Cooking:

  • Always position pots and pans before turning on the cooktop.


  • Clean the cooktop and cooking ware regularly. Dirty cooking zones and pan bases increase power consumption.


  • Cover the pots and pans with lids whenever possible.


  • Turn off the cooking zones before cooking is finished and use the residual heat to keep food warm.

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