Adjust the temperature while cooking in your Samsung wall oven

A Samsung wall oven with food cooking inside

Maybe you're cooking oven-baked ribs and you need to crank the heat at the end to get the perfect char. Or maybe you set the oven to 350°F, but just saw the recipe note instructing you to set it at 325 if you're using a nonstick pan. If for any reason you want to adjust the temperature while cooking, you can do it the exact same way you set the temperature in the first place.

How to adjust the temperature while cooking

  1. To adjust the temperature while cooking, touch the currently set cooking temperature on the display.

    The oven control panel with 350 degrees highlighted
  2. Enter the desired temperature. Then, touch OK.

    The oven control panel displaying 400 degrees

A few tips to get the most out of your wall oven:

  • If you leave the oven door open for more than 2 minutes when the oven is on, all heating elements will shut off automatically.
  • When you have finished cooking, the cooling fan will continue to run until the oven has cooled down.
  • Make sure to drain the remaining water after using Steam Cooking. Once the oven starts draining, please wait until the draining cycle is completed.
  • To prevent affecting other cooking modes by water remaining after using a steam function, you must empty the water reservoir.

  • When you are using an oven thermometer in the oven cavity, the temperature registered by the thermometer may differ from the actual set oven temeperature.
  • The convection fan may turn on or off during the operation for performance reasons.
  • The oven door must be closed during broiling.

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