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Uncommon Washer Noises

When everything is going right, Samsung washing machines are generally super quiet. However, if a strange sound comes from the washer, it's usually easily fixed. See below for how to fix these problems and return to some peace and quiet!

Rattling Sound (Like a Coin in a Piggy Bank)

A rattling noise or clicking noise occuring when the washer is in use is usually explained by something rattling against the outside of the washer, or something hard inside the tub. If you hear this kind of noise, check the following:

  1. Verify the washer is level. A wobbly washer can make rattling sounds as it vibrates. Leveling will prevent this.

  2. Make sure nothing is in contact with the washer. As an example, a common cause for a rattling noise is the power cord of the washer leaning against the washer as it vibrates. While the washer is spinning and the noise is occurring, check all around the washer to see if something of the sort is happening.

  3. Check the tub for loose objects, such as pens or coins. Even zippers and buttons that are still on clothing can make noise during the cycle as they hit the side of the tub. If the washer still makes a rattling noise even when it's empty, then you can rule this one out.

If the above steps have been verified and the rattling noise continues, contact us so we can further assist you.

Thumping or Knocking (Like a Steady Drum Beat)

If you hear a rhythmic thumping or knocking, it's almost always caused by an unbalanced load. If you hear this kind of noise, check the following:

  1. Pause the cycle, and rearrange the items in the washer to balance the weight better. The most usual cause of this sound is as simple as all the heavy stuff is on one side and all the lightweight stuff is on the other. Managing load size and avoiding mixed loads will prevent this type of noise and improve washing performance.

      Note: This sound is common when washing mixed loads, especially when laundry items (like towels) absorb water, and other items (like silks) don't. 

  2. If the noise continues even with the load evened out, or when empty, then verify that the washer is level. If the washer isn't level, objects within the washer may slide against the tub in ways which result in a thumping or knocking noise. In very unlevel situations, the tub itself may be hitting the side of the washer.

If the above steps have been verified and the thumping/knocking noise continues, contact us so we can further assist you.

Squeaking Sound (Like a Car Tire Screeching)

This type of noise is caused from the belt within the washer. If the tub is overloaded, the weight may cause the belt to make a loud noise as the tub spins. If this noise occurs, immediately stop the cycle and reduce the weight of the load.

    Tip: Items will typically weigh much more wet than they will when they are dry. This effect can vary greatly depending on the material the items are made of. Keep this in mind when loading the washer.

If a squealing, squeaking or grinding noise occurs when the washer is loaded with a normal-weight load, and especially if the noise occurs while the washer is underloaded or empty, contact us so we can further assist you.

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