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Samsung Device USB Charging Port Moisture

Samsung Android devices will not charge if moisture is present in the USB charging port. This helps prevent damage from corrosion.

If moisture is present in the USB charging port, you'll see a pop-up message on your screen: "Charge Port - Moisture has been detected..." Read on for tips to help prevent damage to your phone.

Corrosion within the USB charging port can lead to other more serious issues over time – including malfunction or non-function of the charging port.

Wireless charging is NOT affected by moisture or foreign material in the USB charging port.


If moisture does get in the USB charging port, follow the recommendations below:

Do not stick any objects into the USB charging port. This can result in damage to the charging mechanism.

  • Water will naturally dry or evaporate from the USB charging port within approximately 1 to 2 hours.

  • Gently shake the device and/or blow into the USB charging port to help remove water or moisture from the port.

If none of the above instructions work, please call 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) or go to a walk in service center.

To find a service location near you, click here.

FAQs About IP67 or IP68

Got a question? See below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding Samsung devices with the IP67 or IP68 rating.

  • Q1. Can I use my device in sea water or a swimming pool?

      It is advised NOT to expose the device to water at high pressure, such as ocean waves or a waterfall, or swimming pool.

      Do not immerse in hot water, salt water, ionized water, or soapy water. The device is designed to be water resistant only when the SIM tray is sealed tightly. The device may not operate normally while immersed in water or other liquids, and some functions including charging may not be available until the device is dried or rinsed of residue as instructed.

  • Q2. What should I do if my device gets wet?

      Wipe the device down smoothly with a clean, soft cloth to dry. If the device is exposed to any liquid other than fresh water, gently rinse the device in fresh water and dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.

      Failure to rinse the device in fresh water and dry it as instructed may cause the device to suffer from operability or cosmetic issues.

  • Q3. Why doesn't the microphone appear to work after the device gets wet?

      If the device has been in water or the microphone or speaker is wet, the sound may be muffled. Dry the device using a soft, clean cloth and allow to air dry to improve mic or speaker function.

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