Perform a factory data reset on your Galaxy tablet

Galaxy Tab S5e showing Factory Data Reset screen

You can perform a factory data reset on your tablet to restore its default settings or delete all of your personal information. This feature is helpful when you want to start fresh. It's also useful if you need to get rid of personal data before sending the tablet in for repairs or giving it to a friend or family member to use.

Perform a factory data reset

Important: Your personal information cannot be recovered after using this feature. Please save any information you need prior to using this feature. A factory data reset will not affect microSD cards.

When it's time to reset your tablet, all it takes is a few simple steps.

  1. If you have multiple users on your tablet, you must be signed in to the main account.

  2. From Settings, search for and select Factory data reset.

  3. Tap Factory data reset one more time, and then review the information.

  4. When you're ready, tap Reset.

    If you have a lock screen set up, enter your security information, and then, if prompted, enter the requested account information.

    You may be asked to verify your passwords for any account that has been added to the device.

  5. Finally, tap Delete all.

    The process may take a few minutes while your tablet removes your personal data and restores itself to its original state.

Factory data reset delete all on tablet

Once the tablet has been reset, it will bring you back to the initial setup page. In some cases, the tablet may require you to enter account information to verify your identity. For example, Google Device Protection may require you to enter your Google information, especially if your tablet had a forced reset.

If you are unable to complete the setup after performing a factory reset, visit the Support Center to request service.

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