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Use Bixby Vision on your Galaxy phone

Sign translated using Bixby Vision

Sometimes, there's more than meets the eye. If you need some help understanding a picture or image, Bixby Vision is here to help. It can translate text, find similar images, or give you more information about a picture. It can even help you do some online shopping. Become a visual learner with Bixby Vision. 

Note: Available screens, settings, and lenses may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Access Bixby Vision

Note: When you launch Bixby Vision for the first time, you will be asked to review and accept Terms of Service, Samsung Privacy Policy, and allow permissions.

To help you discover more, Bixby Vision is built into your Camera, Gallery, and Samsung Internet.

  • Camera: Bixby suggests information based on what’s live in the viewfinder. From the Camera app, tap Bixby Vision to use it.

  • Gallery: If you’ve already taken or downloaded a photo, Bixby can analyze what’s inside it. From the Gallery app, tap your desired image, and then tap the Bixby Vision icon (it looks like an eye).

  • Samsung Internet: Learn more about pictures by having Bixby analyze what you’re looking at. From the Internet app, touch and hold the image you want to view with Bixby Vision, and then tap Bixby Vision.

Bixby Vision with shopping options

Use a lens in Bixby Vision

With Bixby, you can look at the world in a new way. The possibilities are endless.

Just open the Camera app, and then tap Bixby Vision in the top left corner. If it's your first time using Bixby Vision, agree to the Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Next, agree to the different permissions, and if desired, tap Add to add a shortcut to your phone's Home screen for easier access.

You can now use Bixby Vision inside your phone's Camera app. The search results will show up right away when Bixby scans an image. Simply scroll through lenses and tap the one you want to use.  

Here are the features available in Bixby Vision:

Bixby Vision Lens with Men clothing categories
  • Shopping: Find the items you're seeing online so you can buy them or see similar options.

  • Image: Discover hundreds of images that relate to the same topic or look similar.

  • Text: Translate foreign languages, so you can read important signs and travel with ease. When you point your phone at a block of text, you can have it auto detect a language or set the Source language, and then translate to your desired language.

  • Wine: See the bottle’s rating or learn more about the vineyard it came from.

  • Food: Keep track of calories so every meal fits your goals. This is only an estimate and may not be accurate.

  • Movie: Find out more about the film.

  • QR Code: Scan a QR code to quickly open up the corresponding link. Or, scan a barcode to be directed to the shopping website.

  • Place: Identify landmarks or businesses to learn more about them. Calibrate your phone’s motion sensor so it can pinpoint your current location, and then find places near you. To use this feature, tap the Place icon. The Place icon is in the lower right-hand corner. You can also tap the Filter icon to tailor the search results.

  • Live translation: Automatically translate text from another language in the live preview on your screen. 

If you want to change which lenses appear in Bixby Vision, tap More Options from within Bixby Vision, and then tap Settings. If you're using the latest version, tap Lens, and then tap the switch next to your desired lenses. 

Note: Available lenses may vary depending on your Bixby Vision software version.

Download additional apps for Bixby Vision

Next time you're in the market for sunglasses, use the Styling app to virtually try on different pairs until you find your style. You can even try on makeup, decorate your place, and more.

Open the Camera app, and then tap Bixby Vision. Tap Apps, and then tap your desired app, such as Makeup. If you're using an older version of Bixby Vision, swipe left to Downloads, and then tap the app you want to install. Follow the on-sceen prompts to finish installing.

Here are the Bixby Vision AR apps you can use:

Apps under AR experiences
  • Home décor: Scan the room so Bixby Vision can measure its dimensions, and then find suggested décor. Tap it to virtually place it in the room.

  • Makeup: Virtually try on makeup looks, lip, cheek, and eyeshadow shades, as well as eyelashes and eyeliner.

  • Styling: See how you look in different pairs of sunglasses before you buy them.

  • Picture play: Point the camera at a movie poster to watch its trailer.

  • 3D Scanner: The 3D Scanner, only available on the Note10, lets you scan an object, and then use the scanned object as a character in your videos. 

  • Note: Additional third-party apps may be available. Available apps may vary based on software version.

View Bixby Vision History

Maybe you saw the perfect birthday gift when using Bixby Vision but can't remember its name. Just go through your Bixby Vision history to see things you've viewed before.

Open the Camera app, and then tap Bixby Vision in the top left corner. Tap More Options, and then tap History. Items you have recently viewed in Bixby Vision will appear, such as products you looked at through the Shopping lens.

Tap the search results or tags to see what originally came up, or tap the picture to the left to see the image Bixby Vision used as a search reference.

History screen for Today

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