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Causes of a Noisy Dryer

Samsung dryers are pretty quiet compared to others, but if your dryer is getting a little unruly this should help. Some of the noises may require professional attention, luckily most of them don't. Rattling, Thumping, Squealing, Squeaking, and Grinding noises are the most commonly used descriptions regarding dryer noises. Use the guide below that is most like the noise you're experiencing. 

If the noise is intermittent, try to document when you hear it. What cycle was running when you heard it? How far into the cycle did the noise start? What were you drying? This will help you narrow down the potential reasons for the noise. Without some consistency, it is a hard problem to solve.

Rattling Noise

A rattling noise usually happens when an object is coming into contact with the dryer, or something has been left inside the drum, while it's running.

If a rattling noise occurs, check the following:

  1. Check the drum for loose objects such as buttons from a shirt or jeans, pens, coins, etc.

    Always turn items with large or over-sized buttons, snaps, or zippers inside out to avoid damaging your clothes and the drum.

  2. Use a carpenter's level to verify the top of the dryer is level front, back, left, and right.
  3. See if the dryer or the vent is touching any other object. While the dryer is running, check all sides of the dryer. Pay special attention to the back of the dryer, the dryer vent hose and electrical cord may be rattling against each other or against the dryer.
  4. If the dryer was recently installed, and the vent position was adjusted during installation, check all vents for proper alignment and make sure all hardware is secure. Please refer to the side vent installation kit for instructions.

If the above steps have been verified and the rattling noise continues, please contact us.

Thumping Noise

Thumping noises coming from the dryer are almost always related to waterlogged, heavy, or hard objects like blankets, sneakers, or boots tumbling around inside of the drum. Unless you do your laundry in a zero-gravity environment, this happens. For drying sneakers and boots, try using a dry rack. You should run an extra spin cycle on blankets to ring as much extra water out as possible, before tossing it into the dryer.

If the noise occurs while the dryer is empty, please contact us.

Squealing/Squeaking/Grinding Noise

This noise is caused when the belt that turns the dryer's drum is slipping. When the drum is overloaded, the belt can't grip the drum as well as it normally would. If you hear this noise, stop the cycle, take some close out of the dryer, and then restart the smaller load.

If you're drying heavy items that absorb water easily, run an extra spin cycle to ring as much water out as possible. This will make them easier to dry and help with the noise.

If a squealing, squeaking, or grinding noise occurs while the dryer is underloaded or empty, please contact us.

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