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Frequently Asked Questions About Knox Message

Frequently asked questions about KNOX Message.

General FAQ's

  1. What is KNOX Message?
    • KNOX Message is a specialized messenger service with robust security(message recall and chat room deletion) and seamless collaboration within companies or groups.

  2. Is there a KNOX Message for tablets?
    • You can use KNOX Message for Android phones on tablets. But screens are not optimized for tablets.

  3. Which OS versions support KNOX Message?
    • KNOX Message is available in Android 4.1 or higher versions and in iOS 7 or higher versions.

  4. How can I delete my account?
    • Deleting account is not possible because you are registered from your company. You can deregister all your device connected to our service instead, and then if someone send messages to you, they can receive the alarm, 'There's no registered device. So you can send a message'. If you really want to delete your account perfectly, please ask your company administrator for removing your account in the admin site.

  5. I can not open the email verification link.
    • According to specifications of the internet browser, some browser may not support our email verification process. Please try to open emial verification link in other browser.

  6. I can't verify my email in an email verification page.
    • According to specifications of the internet browser, some browser may not support our email verification process. Please try to verify your email in other browser(for example, Chrome, etc.)

  7. Verification email was not sent.
    • First check your spam mail list. If the verification email is not in spam mail list, please ask for re-sending verification email to the IT administrator in your company.

  8. I forgot my password.
    • If you select the 'Forgot password?' button in Sign in screen, the reset password link email will be sent to you user ID(Email) soon. In this email, you can reset new password and login again.

  9. How do I log out?
    • To log out from our service, tap the MORE menu button on the right of the main screen. In MORE menu > Settings > Account page, you can log out the device which you want to disconnect from our service by tapping 'Deregister' button.

  10. Can I use the same account for multiple devices?
    • You can use 5 multi devices with the same account.

  11. How do I turn off the lock screen?
    • Go to 'MORE' menu which is on the right upper side of Contacts screen > Lock screen settings > Uncheck the turn on lock screen check box. Or check turn off lock screen check box which is on the bottom side of the lock screen, and then input lock screen password.

  12. How can I add users from my device contacts?
    • Go to 'MORE' > 'Setting' menu which is on the right upper side of Main screen, you can find a 'Sync phone contacts' menu. By clicking the menu, you can add new users or update your contact list.

  13. How can I start a chat with users who are not in my contact list?
    • You can start a chat with users directly after search users on 'Search' tab. You can find users by name, email or phone number and start communication such as free chat, email, SMS, and phone call.

  14. There are no contacts in my list after i register.
    • You can add or search users first, and have a chat with them. Just go to 'MORE' > 'Setting' menu which is on the right upper side of Main screen, and click a 'Sync phone contacts'. You can add new users to the contact list from your device. On 'Search' tap, you can search any users you want by name, phone number, or email, and have a chat as well.

  15. How can I create company in KNOX Message?
    • In order to create a company, go to www.knoxmessage.com and sign-up for the admininstrator account. If you are a company user, you cannot create a company. Once the company is created, you are a company user of your own company.

  16. How can I add new employees to KNOX Message?
    • Please contact your IT admin of your company to request registration of new employees.

Chat FAQ's

  1. I can see messages even after 7 days have passed.
    • Basically, messages are saved in your device so you can always check the messages regardless of period unless you delete the app data or uninstall the application.

  2. Can I create a secret chat?
    • You can start secret chat with exactly same members in the chat room by tapping 'INFO' > lock button.

  3. What is secret chat?
    • Secret chat is highly secured chat room which uses end-to-end encryption and leaves no trace on our servers. Message copy/share/forward and screen capture is also prohibited. When you have important business issue or confidential information, you can use secret chat in relief.

  4. How long is a message stored on the server?
    • Secret chat will not be saved in message server, and secure chat will be saved for 7 days.

  5. Can I cancel a message which I already sent?
    • Hold the message and select 'Recall' to cancel a particular message.

  6. Can I remove a particular person from the chat room?
    • Only host can remove participants in group chat.

  7. How can I delete the chat?
    • Hold the message and select 'Delete' to delete a particular message. Or, you can leave the chat room to delete all the chat history to tap INFO > Leave.

  8. What is the difference between recall and delete?
    • If you recall the message, the message will be deleted from all participants' device so no one can see the message. If you delete the message, the message will be deleted only from your device, so other participants can see the message.

  9. I can't change the chat title.
    • You cannot change the chat title in 1:1 chat. For group chat, only host can change the chat title and the title will be applied to all participants.

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