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Frequently Asked Questions About Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi is a service that helps you secure your Wi-Fi connection. When using critical applications over Wi-Fi, you can protect your personal information from getting disclosed by using Secure Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I use Secure Wi-Fi?

    If your device supports Secure Wi-Fi, you can activate in the Settings menu or from the notification.

    Start: Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Secure Wi-Fi > Protect

    Stop: Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Secure Wi-Fi > Stop

  2. Do I need a Samsung account to use Secure Wi-Fi?

    Yes, you need to sign in to your Samsung account to use Secure Wi-Fi. Secure Wi-Fi is tied to Samsung account and if you delete your Samsung account on your device, your Secure Wi-Fi setting data will also be deleted from the device. However, if you sign back in with same Samsung account, you can restore your purchased plan again.

  3. Does Secure Wi-Fi provide free data?

    250 MB of free data is available for each Samsung account. 

    *Some apps and websites may not be covered under the 250 MB free data plan due to lack of Secure Wi-Fi compatibility.

  4. I have run out of Secure Wi-Fi free data capacity. What should I do?

    If you have run out of Secure Wi-Fi free data capacity, you can no longer protect your Wi-Fi with Secure Wi-Fi. In that case, you need to purchase a plan by visiting the menu option.

    Secure Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi protection plan > Purchase plan

  5. When should I use Secure Wi-Fi?

    You can use Secure Wi-Fi to protect your security and privacy when you are shopping or banking through public Wi-Fi at hotels, airports, cafes, etc.

  6. How does Secure Wi-Fi protect personal information?

    Secure Wi-Fi connects to a Secure Wi-Fi server based on IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) VPN technology to protect all data users use on the Internet.

    *Protecting your personal data by connecting to the server may slow down your Internet speed.

How To Use

  1. What do I need to use Secure Wi-Fi? 

    To use Secure Wi-Fi, you must be logged into your Samsung account. Also, you need to be connected to Wi-Fi, as this service applies only to Wi-Fi internet connection.

  2. Can I set the Secure Wi-Fi feature for each app I want to use?

    Secure Wi-Fi protected apps can be viewed and set from the menu below. However, some apps may experience problems when protected by Secure Wi-Fi and are marked "Incompatible". These apps cannot be secured by Secure Wi-Fi.

    Secure Wi-Fi > Select apps > Switch On / Off by App (protected when On)

  3. How do I use the Secure Wi-Fi Auto-Protect feature?

    You can set Auto-Protect by selecting the menu below.

    Secure Wi-Fi > Auto protect > Unsecured Wi-Fi networks : Secure Wi-Fi automatically initiates protection if you are connected to a vulnerable Wi-Fi (Open or WEP Wi-Fi).

    * If you are connected to Wi-Fi that is not vulnerable, it will not automatically protect you.

  4. I do not want to use Secure Wi-Fi. How do I disable it?

    You can deactivate Secure Wi-Fi from the menu below, The service will be disabled after the first user notification when connecting to vulnerable Wi-Fi (Open or WEP Wi-Fi). You can re-activate it at any time by entering the Secure Wi-Fi menu.

    Secure Wi-Fi > About Secure Wi-Fi > APP INFO > Storage > Clear data


  5. Do I have to update whenever I have an app update?

    If there are important changes, the App update popup will occur when you enter Secure Wi-Fi. In this case, you have to update your app to continue using Secure Wi-Fi.

Usage Inquiry

  1. When using Secure Wi-Fi, pop up "Could not connect to secure server to protect your Wi-Fi connection" occurs and the service does not work.

    Pop-up occurs when the Wi-Fi status you are using is unstable or the internet is not available.

    * Some Wi-Fi may also prevent you from connecting to Secure Wi-Fi.

  2. Secure Wi-Fi connection prevents certain apps or websites from running properly.

    Some apps or websites do not allow Secure Wi-Fi security policies. So these apps or websites may not run properly. In such cases, you must close your Secure Wi-Fi connection.

  3. Secure Wi-Fi is automatically connected even though you did not select the "Protect" button on Secure Wi-Fi.

    If the Auto protect option is set to "Unsecured Wi-Fi networks", Secure Wi-Fi will automatically connect if you are connected to a vulnerable Wi-Fi network (Open or WEP Wi-Fi).

  4. When I use Secure Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi speed becomes too slow.

    Secure Wi-Fi will encrypt Wi-Fi data and sends them over a secure connection. Encryption may slow down the Wi-Fi speed.

  5. Is Secure Wi-Fi available overseas?

    Yes, it is available globally. 

Wi-Fi Protect Plan

  1. How do I make a paid purchase?

    You can buy a protect plan from the Secure Wi-Fi menu.

    Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Secure Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi protect plan 

  2. What about the automatic billing cycle?

    Automatic payments only apply for one-month unlimited plan. Automatic payments will be made at the same date and time of the first successful monthly payment, and the remaining days will be updated on the Secure Wi-Fi screen.

  3. How do I cancel my purchase for automatic payments?

    If you enter the Wi-Fi Purchase protect plan menu and select Free, your subscription will be canceled immediately if the refund condition is met. If the refund condition is not satisfied, you will be unsubscribed on the next payment date.

  4. How do I request a refund?

    If you enter the Wi-Fi Purchase protect plan menu and select Free, your subscription will be canceled immediately if the refund condition is met. In case of 24 hours unlimited plan, you can request a refund with less than 1MB of capacity used. In case of One month unlimited, you can request a refund within 7 days after purchase.

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