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Family Hub App Setup

The Family Hub mobile app (on Android and iOS) is your one stop shop for all the advanced mobile features provided with your new Family Hub refrigerator. Up to 6 separate user accounts can be added to the same Family Hub refrigerator. This is just another way Family Hub helps the family stay connected.

Before You Begin

For the Family Hub app to work with the fridge, each Family Hub User Profile must be connected with a separate Samsung account. To link the app and the fridge, just sign into the Family Hub mobile app on your phone with a Samsung account used by one of the Family Hub User Profiles. That's all there is to it!

So to get started using the Family Hub mobile app with the Family Hub refrigerator, you must have:

  • A Samsung account

  • A phone with carrier service

  • The Family Hub mobile app

Family Hub Setup (Part 1 - On the Refrigerator)

The first step to begin using mobile features is to connect a user profile with a Samsung Account. The primary account (the first user profile in the list) can add or change their connected Samsung account at any time in the user profile's settings.

Primary accounts may be asked to verify a phone number via SMS the first time a Samsung account is connected; if so, follow all instructions on Family Hub's screen to complete connecting the Samsung account. A working phone number that can get SMS messages is required.

All other user profiles can only connect a Samsung account while the User Profile is being created. So if you've already made a User Profile, but didn't add your Samsung account to it, you'll have to delete that User Profile and remake it so you can connect it to your Samsung account.

To create a user profile and connect a Samsung account to it, perform the following:

  1. On the Refrigerator's Family Hub panel, navigate to Settings > Profiles.

  2. Touch Add to create a profile.

  3. Touch Connect to connect a Samsung Account with the profile.

  4. Log in with the ID and Password for the Samsung account, and then touch Sign in.

  5. You'll return to the previous screen again, giving you a chance to finish customizing the profile. When everything's right, touch Done to create the profile, with the Samsung account connected.

  6. That's all you need to do on the refrigerator. See the next section for finishing up on the phone.

Family Hub Setup (Part 2 - On the Phone)

If you do not complete the previous section first, and connect a Samsung account to a user profile, the app will display an error message. This error message reads "Your Samsung account is not registered to a Family Hub refrigerator. Please register first and come back." If you get this error message, go back and do Part 1, above.

Once setup on the refrigerator has been completed, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to and open the Family Hub app on the mobile device.

  2. Agree to the terms and conditions.

  3. Sign into the same Samsung account that the User Profile is connected to.

    Some phones may have a Samsung account already saved. If that account matches the user profile on the refrigerator, you're good to go. Otherwise navigate to Settings > Accounts on the phone to identify or adjust the Samsung account in use on the phone.

  4. Follow any remaining onscreen instructions.

    • The first time the Family Hub app forms a link between the phone and the refrigerator, it will attempt to verify the phone via sending an SMS message with a code in it.
    • If possible, the app will read the phone number from the phone's memory, and then automatically confirm the code from the SMS message when it is received, making the process fully automatic.
    • Some phones may require the phone number and/or the code in the SMS message be put in manually. If so, follow all all onscreen instructions. You may need to temporarily leave the app in order to view SMS messages on your phone and get the code.

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