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Person holding a phone while setting up the Family Hub app

The Family Hub app is your one-stop-shop for your favorite apps, like Memo, Calendar, and more. You can access these apps from anywhere and use them to control features on the Family Hub fridge. But first, you will need to set up the app on your phone and make sure you have a Samsung account registered on the fridge.

Note: Beginning with version 6.0 of Family Hub, the Family Hub app was discontinued in favor of using SmartThings instead. The Family Hub app is still available for those not yet updated to 6.0 or later.

How to get the whole family connected with Family Hub

Each family member that wants to access the fridge remotely through the Family Hub mobile app needs: (1) their own profile on the fridge, (2) their own phone, and (3) their own Samsung account to link the two. Any profiles that are not associated with a Samsung account can only be used directly on the fridge.

When you're at the fridge, you can swap between profiles to indicate who's doing what (such as leaving a memo or marking the calendar). When you're connected remotely through the mobile app, the phone's Samsung account will automatically sync with the associated profile on the Family Hub.

And finally, the first profile is the main one which you create during initial setup. It works a little differently than the other ones do and will need to connect to a Samsung account first before any of the other profiles can. Each family member can connect to the fridge with their phone using these steps:

  1. On the fridge, tap Apps, and then tap Settings. Tap Profiles, create or update a profile, and connect it to a Samsung account. You can tap the desired profile to edit it, or tap Add to make a new profile (up to 6). You can also customize the name, avatar, and voice ID.

  2. Download and install the Family Hub app on your phone from the Google Play store or the App store.

  3. On the phone, make sure you're using the same Samsung account that you used for the profile on the fridge. The phone's Samsung account can be managed in the Settings menu. If you aren't signed in, you may be prompted to log in to an account when you launch the Family Hub app.

  4. Once you accept all the permissions, terms, and conditions, you'll be good to go.

If you try to open the Family Hub app using a Samsung account that is not yet connected to any of the profiles on the fridge, the app will display this error: "Your Samsung account is not registered to a Family Hub refrigerator. Please register first and come back." If you get this error message, go back to Settings, and then select Profiles on the fridge and connect the same Samsung account on the phone, or change the Samsung account on the phone to match what's in use on the fridge.

Use the Family Hub app

The Family Hub app is divided into two main parts: Food and Family. Just tap Food or Family at the bottom of the screen, and then tap your desired feature.

There's also an All menu to view every available feature. Tap All at the bottom of the screen, and then select your desired feature.

Note: The Family Hub tools on the mobile app may have limited functionality compared to the full apps on the Family Hub fridge.

Family Hub App Dashboard with All Shopping Lists displayed

Food features

Check out all the grocery-related tools and features you can use in the Family Hub app:

View Inside

The View Inside feature displays a current image of the inside of your fridge. You can edit a food list to indicate which foods are currently in the fridge. You can also keep track of different items' expiration dates. When customizing apps, you can make both the Inside Fridge image and the Food List appear in the Family Hub app.

View Inside icon on Family Hub app

Shopping List

The Shopping List feature displays the current user profile's shopping list. With this, you can create a list of groceries that you want to purchase. You can also cross out items that you've bought, so you'll always stay on top of things.

Shopping lists can also be created, edited, or removed from the Family Hub mobile app.

Shopping List icon on Family Hub app

Family features

The Family Hub app also has fun features for the whole family to enjoy:

Family Board

The Family Board is a creative space where family members can create a collage. Add photos, write messages, and much more. You can view the Family Board from the Family Hub app and can even decorate it using your phone.

Family board icon on Family Hub app


The Memo feature displays all memos from your Family Hub. You can add new memos, edit existing ones, and remove old ones. The Family Hub app's dashboard will display the most recent memo.

Note: The mobile app does not have access to any voice messages recorded on Family Hub.

Memo app icon on Family Hub app


The Calendar displays events for all Family Hub user profiles. You can edit the calendar for the current account that is added to the Family Hub app on the phone. 

Calendar app icon on Family Hub app

Upload Photos

This feature lets you upload pictures from your phone onto your Family Hub fridge. Add family photos or send images that would make a nice background for the Hub.

Upload Photos app icon on Family Hub app

To Do

This displays the To Do lists for the Family Hub's different user profiles. Swipe to the left or right to see everyone's lists. You can also add or edit a To Do list for the current user.

To Do icon on Family Hub app


The Whiteboard shows drawings from your Family Hub. You can create new drawings, edit existing ones, and remove unneeded ones. The Family Hub app's dashboard shows the most recent Whiteboard drawing.

Note: The mobile app does not have access to any voice messages recorded on Family Hub.

Whiteboard icon on Family Hub app

Adjust settings in the Family Hub mobile app

If needed, you can adjust some of the settings for the Family Hub mobile app, so it's easier to use. Just tap More options (the three vertical dots) in the top right corner to get access.

Here's a quick rundown of the app's Settings menu:

  • Profile: Shows the Family Hub profile currently in use and lets you customize it.

  • Notifications: Turn notifications on or off from the Family Hub app. You can also choose which tools to receive notifications from.

Family Hub App Settings Menu
  • Customize Apps: Choose which apps appear in the Food and Family sections and what order they appear in. You can also add shortcuts for up to 5 other apps on your phone, like SmartThings.

  • Send Feedback: Let us know what you think about the Family Hub app. Or get support if you need help with the tools.

  • About: Displays the current version information, Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and the Open source license.

If you need to sign out of or delete a profile

The main profile is what holds the family's profiles together and where the entire family's data is stored. If initial setup is ever performed again, make sure to use the same Samsung account for the main profile. You will have the option to restore everything that was saved in the cloud, including the associated secondary profiles. For this reason, the main profile can't be deleted, but you can sign out and then perform initial setup with a different Samsung account instead, if a change is needed.

However, you can delete secondary profiles at any time to disassociate them from the main profile. If desired, they can be recreated and reconnected to their Samsung account at any time.

To delete a secondary profile, navigate to Settings, and then tap Profiles. Select your desired profile, and then tap Delete. Tap Delete again to confirm.

To sign out of the main profile, navigate to Settings, and then tap Profiles. Select the main profile, and then tap Sign out. Read the important information. Your content on the Family Hub will be deleted, but it will reappear if you sign back in to the same Samsung account on the main profile. If you're sure, tap Sign out.

Sign out or delete a profile in Family Hub app
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