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24-Hour Activity on Your Gear Sport

Wouldn't it be great if you had a personal trainer keeping track of your progress each and every day without you even having to think about it? Well, say hello to your new coach. Your Gear Sport can monitor and record your activities during the day to encourage you to stay active and healthy. The best part is, unlike someone actually following you around all day, you'll hardly notice it's there.

24 Hour Activity Tracker

Find out just how hard you're pushing yourself with the 24 Hour Activity Tracker. This app displays activity recorded in the past 24 hours, keeping you up to date on opportunities to improve your daily routine. Want to know how many calories you burned while running the track? The log records information like activity duration and calories burned so you know whether you need to kick it into high gear or take it down a notch. Now that's what we call having total control over your fitness.


Trying to stay active? It is recommended that the average person should walk about 5 miles per day. That's over 10,000 steps! All that counting sounds a little daunting, huh? Don't worry, your Gear Sport will track your steps for you and measure the distance traveled. Set a target goal for your steps and strive to achieve it by using the Pedometer. Start with a lower goal and gradually increase your target goal to stay fit at your own pace.

Exercise Tracker

Whether you prefer walking, running, or bicycling, your Gear Sport can keep up with you. No matter which activity you choose, you can find out information like your heart rate and how many calories you burned when you use Exercise Tracker. You can also time your runs and bike rides, as the tracker lets you know how long you've been hitting the pavement. It makes it easier to set goals for yourself when you can see just how much progress you've made with your fitness.


Do you work a desk job and have no time to get to the gym? Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator on your way to the office. You can use Floors to set a target goal and try to keep up. No matter your schedule, you’ve gotta get those steps in any way you can. No more excuses!

Heart Rate Tracker

When you're pushing your body to the limit, monitoring your heart rate is essential to avoid risking injury or overstimulation. Keep the Heart Rate Tracker enabled to keep an eye on your health and safety when engaging in strenuous exercise. To monitor your heart rate with the Heart Rate Tracker, touch Auto HR and then select Always.

Water Tracker

These days, everyone is so busy it can be impossible to keep track of every single aspect of your health, especially your water intake. Who has time to make sure they're drinking the recommended 8 glasses per day? Now you can get a friendly reminder with Water Tracker. Record the number of glasses of water you drink and set a target goal for the amount of water you wish to drink daily. Now that's refreshing.

Caffeine Tracker

Caffeine is a hard habit to break. However, with Caffeine Tracker, it is easy to keep track of your caffeine intake. You can record how many cups of coffee or sodas you drink per day, and set limits so you're not getting too wired before bedtime. Your Gear Sport will display your set limit so you make sure you don't exceed it.

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