HMD Odyssey and the Mixed Reality App

Imagine having all the controls you need right before your very eyes—literally. That’s what the Mixed Reality Portal App is for. It’s like living in a giant computer screen where you can go anywhere you want if you just click your heels three times … or click a menu option, anyway. Close enough.

Mixed Reality Portal

Like a window to another world, the Mixed Reality Portal lets you experience the wonder of Mixed Reality. You can preview the portal screen on your monitor without wearing the HMD, or let a friend take a turn using Mixed Reality while you watch the action from your screen. See for yourself what a breeze it is to set up.

When you connect the HMD to your computer, the Mixed Reality Portal app will launch automatically. If it doesn’t launch, select the Windows button and then navigate to and select Mixed Reality Portal.

Screens may differ depending on the app version.

Icons in the Mixed Reality Portal

There are so many icons, what can they all mean? We have the answers for you right here. You’ll see 2D apps and 3D holograms throughout the Mixed Reality Portal. You can make them smaller, larger, move them to another part of the screen, whatever it takes to make you feel at home. It is your home base in the virtual world, after all. Select an app or content on the portal screen or start screen, and it will open, so you can start playing games or watching videos. Here’s what all those little icons mean:

You can see the portal screen on the monitor without wearing the HMD.

Icons Specification
Open or close the menu panel.    

Check the name of the HMD and the connection.    
Check the connection of the left controller.    
Check the connection of the right controller.    
Turn on or off the boundary of the area you want to use for the HMD. The boundary you set will appear as an invisible wall and help prevent accidents such as bumping into obstacles.    
View Mixed Reality images and videos.    

Download the Mixed Reality app.    
Set the controller or launch the settings app.

Turn on or off the preview screen.    
Adjust the preview screen ratio of the Mixed Reality Portal.
Maximize the screen of the Mixed Reality Portal app screen or revert to its original size.    

Moving the Screen

Be the boss of your world when you use Mixed Reality app with your HMD Odyssey. The HMD recognizes your head and body movements and adjusts accordingly. Move your head or the controller in any direction to move the pointer or the screen. You can move inside the Mixed Reality Portal or move your position using the controller’s thumbstick.

Moving the pointer

Wear the HMD and move your head in any direction to move the pointer. Or, use the controller to move the pointer.

Moving your position

The HMD recognizes your real movements and responds by moving inside the Mixed Reality Portal. You can also use the thumbstick to get around. Push the thumbstick back and forth to move your location, or push it forward hard to make the controller beam appear. You can teleport to the location where the controller beam is pointing. That’s pretty neat!

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