Use automations in SmartThings

Use Automations to activate smart devices

It's the alarm clock of the future: the lights go on, the curtains go up, and the coffee is ready automatically. Well, with SmartThings, this is no longer science fiction. In this app, you can make devices perform certain actions whenever predetermined conditions are met. For example, the TV can turn on at 6 p.m. every evening when you arrive home from work. Or, you can make the lights turn on when a motion sensor detects movement. Follow this guide to learn how to set up automations in the SmartThings app, so you can enjoy the good life.

Note: Available features for each device will vary depending on the manufacturer's policy, and devices that do not support the automation feature will not appear on the list of controlled devices.

Set up an automation

Want the TV to automatically turn on when you come home from a long day? You can make your devices do all kinds of things when you use automations.

  1. On your phone, navigate to and open the SmartThings app. Tap Favorites at the bottom of the screen, then tap Add (the plus sign +), and then tap Create routine

    Create routine button highlighted on SmartThings app
  2. Tap + under "If" to set your desired conditions for the automation, such as the time it will trigger. Another example would be adding a device, like a motion sensor; you can make the automation trigger when the sensor detects motion. After tapping +, follow the on-screen instructions for your chosen condition.


    Note: If desired, you can add an additional condition by tapping + under "If" again.

    Creating Routine on SmartThings app
  3. Tap + under "Then" to add an action to the automation. For example, you can choose a smart light bulb and then make it turn on at a designated time or when a motion sensor detects movement. If needed, you can assign an offline device to an automation. If the device says "(Offline)" next to it, you can still select it and then choose your desired action.

    Note: If desired, you can add an additional action by tapping + under "Then" again.

  4. Tap Test routine actions to test out the automation. Then, review any on-screen instructions to finish the setup, and tap Save.

    Test routine action button highlighted on SmartThings app
  5. You can assign a name and icon to the automation. When you're finished, tap Save. When the conditions are met, the device will automatically perform the automation! 

Note: If you set an automation to only run once, it will disappear after it has been triggered.

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