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Add and Manage Devices in SmartThings

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With the ever-growing number of appliances in your home, you need a way to keep up with them all. What if we told you there’s an app to control all your smart appliances, right from your phone? With SmartThings, you can add compatible appliances and manage them on your phone in a snap.

If you are adding Z-Wave devices that have been connected previously, make sure they have been removed or excluded before adding them to the new hub.

Add Devices in SmartThings

When you are ready to take control of all your smart devices, just follow the steps below. But first, you should double check if your devices are compatible.

On your phone, navigate to and open SmartThings. Touch Add (the plus sign) and then touch Add device.

If the device uses Bluetooth, you can use the Auto detect feature. Just touch Auto detect and if your device appears, select its name. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to connect it.

Add a device to SmartThings Menu on phone

If your device isn't detected, you can add it manually. To do this, touch the device's brand logo (SmartThings, ADT, and so on). If it's a Samsung product, just select the type of device, such as a Hub, TV, etc. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the device to SmartThings.

Control or Manage SmartThings Devices

So, you've added a whole bunch of devices - now what? You can easily monitor and manage all your connected devices right from the app.

On your phone, navigate to and open SmartThings. Touch Menu (the 3 lines on the left side), and then touch Devices. Here you can view, monitor, and control all your registered devices. Select your desired device and use the available settings to perform your desired actions.

List of Devices in SmartThings on a phone

You can also view and control your registered devices on the Home Screen. If a device is on your Dashboard, just touch the device's name to use it or manage its settings.

Note: Availability of controls may vary depending on the device.

Remove Devices from SmartThings

Maybe you just got a new TV and want to remove the old one from SmartThings. No problem, here's what to do:

On your phone, navigate to and open SmartThings. Touch Menu (the 3 lines on the left side), and then touch Devices. Next, touch More Options, and then touch Edit. Touch the red Delete icon next to your desired device, and then touch DELETE to confirm.

Remove a refrigerator from SmartThings

Use the SmartThings Panel

If you are tired of constantly opening the app to check on things, you can view your devices from the Notification panel.

On your phone, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notification panel. The SmartThings Panel will appear above your notifications. Then, touch the different devices' icons to see their status. You can even control some devices right from the panel by touching the slider undearneath them.

SmartThings Panel below Quick Settings Panel

The SmartThings panel is enabled by default, but here's how to turn it on in case you shut it off. Touch Menu (the 3 lines), and then touch More Settings. It looks like a Gear icon and is located above your username. Then, touch the slider next to SmartThings panel to turn it on or off.

Note: You can change which devices appear on the SmartThings panel by accessing the SmartThings Settings Menu.

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