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The world is a big place and sometimes it can be easy to get lost. If you purchase a SmartThings tracker, you won't ever have to worry about losing a loved one again. Whether it's your dog, your children, or a priceless item, you can track their exact location, so you’ll always know if they are safe.

Benefits of the SmartThings Tracker

Note: The following steps and information refer to the SmartThings tracker and not the SmartTag or Smart Tag+.

With the SmartThings tracker, you don’t have to wonder if your teenager arrived at their friend's house safely. If a loved one has the tracker with them, you can request their location at any time with the On-Demand feature.

  1. Navigate to and open the SmartThings app. Tap the Devices tab, then tap the Home icon, and then select the location with your tracker.

  2. Tap your SmartThings tracker.

  3. Then, tap the Request icon in the lower right corner.

  4. Or, your loved one can press the tracker’s Power button twice to send their real-time location to you.

Woman using the SmartThings tracker

You won’t have to worry about the tracker’s battery dying, either. It has an extended battery life and you only need to charge it once or twice a week. It also has a Power Saving mode.

In order for the tracker to work, it needs to be connected to a SmartThings hub. Here are the compatible hubs:

  • SmartThings V2 hubs

  • SmartThings V3 hubs

  • SmartThings Wi-Fi hubs

  • The ADT smart security panel

  • Connect Home hubs

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