Use Ambient Mode on your Samsung TV

Ambient mode displayed on a 2019 QLED TV

Since the TV is the focal point of your living room, it should always make a statement. With Ambient Mode on your Samsung QLED, Frame, or Terrace TV, you can make your TV look beautiful even when you’re not watching it. Ambient Mode elevates your space by displaying décor, weather information, artwork, trending pictures, and stories based on your interests.

Important: Support for the Headlines feature of Ambient mode is scheduled to end on September 30, 2020. We thank you for using the service and we look forward to providing an improved alternative in the near future.

Enter Ambient Mode

It couldn’t be easier to enjoy a little ambience on your TV. You can display décor, weather info, news, photos, and artwork.

You can even create a background theme where you take a picture of the wall and use it as your TV’s background, making it blend in seamlessly.

To enter Ambient Mode, press the Ambient button on your Samsung Smart Remote, or press Home, and navigate to the Ambient icon that is located on the Home menu bar. When you select a category at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a preview of the available features and content. To view more detailed information, highlight it, and then press the Up directional button. Press the Home button to return to TV mode.

Ambient Mode button highlighted on Samsung Smart Remote and TV

Note: The Ambient button is only available on select remotes. If you press the Ambient button when the TV is turned off, the TV will turn on in Ambient Mode.

Customize Ambient Mode content

Note: Available functions may not be supported depending on the content.

Once you’re in Ambient Mode, take a look around and enjoy the scenery.

You can press the Up button on your remote to view detailed information about the content on your screen. But it doesn’t end there – you can customize the content on your screen to make it look even more unique.

Press the Down directional button to change these settings:

Different background options displayed in Ambient Mode
  • Color and Theme: Choose a color and theme for the on-screen content.

  • Backgrounds: Change the background color of the content in Ambient Mode.

  • Shadow Effects: Apply a shadow effect to give more depth to images.

  • Brightness: Adjust the brightness level.

  • BG Saturation: Adjust the color saturation of the background.

  • BG Color Tone: Adjust the color tone of the background.

  • BG R-Gain/BG G-Gain/BG B-Gain: Adjust the red, green, and blue contrast of the background.

  • Routine: Create your own routines using the SmartThings app. You can also use preset themes.

  • Special Edition: Features artwork and interior designs that you can choose from.

  • Mood: Several options are available to create the right ambience for your home.

  • Relaxation: Calming, nature-inspired scenes to help you unwind.

  • Décor: Enjoy beautifully designed content on your TV.

  • My Album: Select from photos stored on your phone to use as a wallpaper. Use the SmartThings app to import photos from your phone.

  • Info: Keep yourself up to date by displaying the current weather, temperature, time, and latest news.

    Note: This function may not be available depending on your location.

  • Artwork: Search for famous artwork and photography to use as your background.

  • Background Theme: Select from themes chosen by Samsung.

  • About Ambient Mode: Access information about Ambient Mode.

Adjust Ambient Mode settings

One of the best parts about Ambient Mode is that it’s self-adjusting; you can set the brightness to automatically match the level of light in the room. But if you’d prefer it more dim so you can unwind, or you want to set a timer for Ambient Mode to turn off automatically, you can do so by adjusting the settings. Press the Ambient button to enter Ambient Mode, and then select Settings.

Here are the different settings you can customize:

Ambient Mode settings displayed on a QLED TV
  • Auto Brightness: Changes the Auto Brightness setting for Ambient Mode.

  • Ambient Off Timer: Sets the time when the Ambient Mode screen turns off automatically. If there is no remote control input for the set time, the screen will go off. To turn the screen back on in Ambient Mode, press the Ambient button on the remote.

    Note: On Samsung 2020 TVs, Ambient Off Timer is now called Sleep After.

  • Reset All Photos: Resets the photos imported from your phone.

Note: Ambient Mode settings can also be adjusted in the SmartThings app, which is available on Android and iOS devices.

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