How to use Diagnostics in Samsung Members

Use Diagnostics in Samsung Members

While some apps may drain your battery, Samsung Members protects your phone and helps it run better by performing diagnostic tests. After you run speed tests and check on your phone’s storage and battery forecast, you can clean up memory and optimize settings to speed up your phone.

Diagnostics Tools

Clearing up your phone’s storage or optimizing the brightness and screen timeout goes a long way in improving your phone’s performance. Optimize your phone’s settings to speed up your phone.

Open Samsung Members, and then touch the Get Help tab. Touch Go to Phone Care. Here are the different options you can use:

List of tool options for Samsung Members Diagnostics


  • Automatic Check: Touch VIEW RESULTS to see if your device passed Diagnostic tests or see the results on what to improve.

  • Interactive Checks: Check your phone's hardware to make sure you're getting the best from it.

  • Optimize

    • Clean Memory: Improve your phone's performance by stopping apps from running in the background.

    • Optimize Settings: Turn off unused functions to reduce battery consumption and speed up your phone.

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